Publicity on the Soil and Groundwater Monitoring Results of SKSHU Paint Co., Ltd.
2020.11.23       Category: News

In accordance with the requirements of the List of Key Entities Subject to Supervision of Soil Environmental Pollution in Putian City (Pu Huan Bao [2020] No.34) released by the Bureau of Ecology and Environment of Putian City, Implementation Plan for the Putian City Soil Pollution Prevention Action Plan (Pu Zheng Zong [2017] No.26), Circular of the Licheng Ecology and Environment Bureau of Putian City on Carrying out Soil and Groundwater Environmental Monitoring of Key Enterprises Subject to Supervision of Soil Pollution in Licheng District (Li Huan Bao [2020] No.50) and other documents, the soil and groundwater monitoring results of SKSHU Paint Co., Ltd. are published as follows:


I. Profile of the Project

1. Entrusting entity: SKSHU Paint Co., Ltd.

2. Entity under inspection: SKSHU Paint Co., Ltd.

3. Testing agency: Fujian Zhongjian Mineral Product Testing Co., Ltd.

4. Type of test: Entrusted test

5. Sample types: Soil and groundwater

6. Items for test:

Soil: 47 indicators, including arsenic, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, copper, lead, nickel, mercury, pH value, petroleum hydrocarbons (C10-C40), volatile organic compounds, semi-volatile organic compounds.

Groundwater: 35 indicators, including color, smell and odor, turbidity, visible matter, pH, total hardness, total dissolved solids.

II. Monitoring conclusion

A total of 11 soil monitoring points were set up in the site, including 1 soil background control point. For soil monitoring, the surface soil (0-50cm) in the factory area was taken as the key sampling layer. The test and analysis results show that values of all the tested items at the soil points are lower than the screening values for soil pollution risk of Class II construction land specified in Soil Environmental Quality Risk Control Standard for Soil Contamination of Development Land (GB 36600-2018).

A total of 6 groundwater monitoring points were set up in the site, including 1 groundwater background control point. The test and analysis results show that the measured groundwater points have Class V groundwater quality specified in Standard for Groundwater Quality (GB/T 14848-2017).

III. Duration of Publicity

The duration of publicity time is 10 working days from the date of publicity.

IV. Soil Environmental Monitoring Plan and Reports

1. Soil Environmental Monitoring Report of SKSHU Paint Co., Ltd

2. Soil Environmental Monitoring Plan of SKSHU Paint Co., Ltd