3TREES Won 2020 “Outstanding Enterprise in Environmental Sustainability Practice" Award
2020.11.24       Category: News

On November 21, 2020, the Eighth Global Enterprise Sustainable Competitiveness Summit Forum was held in Beijing. The Forum brought together high-level elites from government, industrial, academic, research and media circles, first-class experts and scholars in the field of enterprise globalization research, and outstanding entrepreneurs with rich experience in globalization from both at home and abroad. 3TREES was invited to attend and discuss the path of sustainable development for enterprises with government departments, international organizations, industry associations and institutions of higher learning, pool consensus on responsibilities and share responsibility fulfillment practices. In this year's selection of outstanding enterprises with sustainable competitiveness, 3TREES won the 2020 “Outstanding Enterprise in Environmental Sustainability Practice" Award.


Focusing on the theme of "Enterprise Globalization Amidst Great Changes", the Forum set up four sub-forums, including "Sustainable Development Strategy and Management", "World-Class Brand Building", "Sustainable Development Rating and Evaluation" and "Missions of the Era of Economic Diplomacy", which covered the important topic of globalized development of enterprises. All these sessions aimed to gather wisdom from various parties, pool consensus on jointly meeting the challenges in the new stage of globalization, make suggestions for China to further deepen reform and opening up and for enterprises to proactively promote globalization and participate in global governance.

In its course of development, 3TREES has closely followed the development idea of "innovative, harmonious, green, open and sharing" proposed by the state. In light of its own characteristics, it has taken various measures to achieve sustainable development, including: building itself into “an enterprise of intoxicating beauty”, constructing eco-friendly and green factories, delivering green and healthy products, providing Touch-the-Heart services, creating a "rich, fast, good and cost-effective" green supply chain, establishing a green ecosystem, devoting to the charity and environmental cause, protecting green mountains and clear waters and building beautiful homes. On the path of green, innovation and sustainable high-quality development, 3TREES has achieved win-win outcomes for corporate development and environmental health, and won recognition from all sectors of the society with its practical actions. The Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development Committee of the Chinese Institute of Business Administration and Beijing Rongzhi Corporate Social Responsibility Research Institute awarded 3TREES the 2020 Outstanding Enterprise in Environmental Sustainable Practice Award, which will encourage 3TREES to make continuous practice and progress on the road of sustainable development.


In the process of practicing the eco-friendly philosophy, 3TREES has integrated the love of and respect for nature into its corporate character and turned it into a corporate habit, from the clean and energy-saving management and control of the whole process of corporate production and operation, to the daily behavior of employees in caring for the environment. Adhering to the mission of "making homes healthier, cities more beautiful and life better", 3TREES will foster comprehensive internal and external synergies, grow together with upstream and downstream partners and employees, create visions and share missions together, build a collaborative and symbiotic ecosystem of “co-building, sharing and win-win”, and make its due contribution to the health of the environment, the civilization and progress of the society, the benign development of the industry and the better life of consumers.