Praising Life with Art: 3TREES Lounge Made Stunning Appearance at West Bund Art & Design Expo
2020.11.19       Category: News

On November 15, 2020, the 7th West Bund Art and Design Expo (“West Bund Expo”) drew to a successful conclusion. As the first international blockbuster art exhibition held as scheduled in the world this year, the event attracted numerous art lovers including designers, artists, collectors and fashion experts.

In a cross-over move to partner up with the art circles, 3TREES became the exclusive coating partner of the grand event, not only providing wall paint support for artists and galleries from around the world, but also staging the 3TREES Lounge, the first cross-over public space of art. During the expo, 3TREES also staged KOL live broadcasting, art salons, forums and other events, bringing its splendid paint colors, beautiful vision, and healthy, natural and green brand philosophy to the international art stage.


The 3TREES Lounge – an all-new carrier for the integration of art and the urban spirit

Personally designed by Tilman Thürmer, Founder of the award-winning international design firm COORDINATION ASIA, the 3TREES Lounge is inspired by the tug-of-war between travel restrictions and the free spirits of artists. With perfect natural and artistic renditions, the lounge magically turns linear lighting into a natural partition of spatial modules.

Drawing upon the theme of "3TREES, Three Stories" and based on his representative still life and human figure paintings, artist Liu Yi recreated a wall painting for the 3TREES Lounge, ingeniously blending the centennial litchi forest at the 3TREES Headquarters and the idea of "trees are homes too". 


On November 11, the first day of the West Bund Expo, the "Beautiful China - 3TREES Green Space Aesthetics Salon" was held in the 3TREES Lounge, offering an opportunity for numerous 3TREES partners to further understand 3TREES’s dedicated pursuit of beauty and healthy living space.

Popular anchor Naice Zhang put on a special live broadcast of the 3TREES Lounge, showing the audience the creation process of the 3TREES Lounge and the artistic association of 3TREES and the West Bund Expo. The live broadcast attracted a peak audience of 793,000, turning the 3TREES Lounge into a new gathering place for cyber celebrities in Shanghai.



The warm sunshine in early winter runs through large swathes of French windows and falls onto the walls, along with the shadows of Nordic-style green plants. People-to-people exchanges and cultural collisions flow in the fragrance of coffee. This is the beautiful moment that the 3TREES Lounge has brought to Shanghai.


West Bund Voice: Let Art Praise Life


On November 13, 3TREES was invited to participate in the West Bund Voice Forum. Presided over by Zhang Ting, an independent curator, the Forum saw 3TREES’s General Manager for Retail Strategy Kuang Zhengsan, artists Liu Yi and Fang Wei sharing their thoughts on the theme of "Painting and Carrier: A View on Space and Time Measured by the Body". In-depth academic expositions and reflections on practical applications in the market were presented, giving insights into various issues.



Artist Liu Yi shared the creative idea behind the custom-made wall painting "3TREES, Three Stories" for the 3TREES Lounge. He pointed out that the trees in the painting were actually "incarnations" of humans. The first tree represented the great energy of growth, the second the expectation of miracles and the third the power of healing. The three different stories told by 3TREES all expressed strong vitality and growth power. Talking about the creation process, Liu Yi said that some colors could not be mixed when the painting in the mobile phone was transferred to the wall. However, after numerous experiments conducted by the 3TREES Technology Center, the desired colors were finally mixed. Both the color presentation and the texture of the tree trunks vividly restored the fresh and natural "oxygen forest", bringing infinite vitality and strength to people.




Artist Fang Wei's work Wang Yue on display in the 3TREES Lounge was also created using 3TREES’s water-based paint. Fang Wei said that 3TREES products gave him great surprises. 3TREES’s water-based paints, possessing the soft texture of watercolor, created the same transparent and bright effects as watercolor. After drying, the paints could form a thick color layer independent of the substrate, and the surface could gain a sense of relief and texture, generating unique patterns. Enjoying the characteristics of both watercolor and oil painting, 3TREES’s paints could offer an all-new opportunity for art workers and better stimulate their exploration of creative works.



Kuang Zhengsan, General Manager for Retail Strategy at 3TREES, thanked the numerous artists and exhibitors for their recognition of 3TREES's philosophy, products and services. He pointed out that the integration of art and life would become an inevitable trend in the development of home life and urban space, expressing the hope that 3TREES paints would bring art to thousands of households. 3TREES's healthy products, along with its Immediate Move-in service, could not only meet traditional home coating needs, but also allow customization so that more people can enjoy the beauty brought by art in life. He said that 3TREES would continue to interact with artists, conduct in-depth research, develop more products to meet the needs of artistic creation, and praise life with art.


It was not the first time that 3TREES had joined hands with the art circles. Before this, 3TREES had already teamed up with well-known fashion artists and launched the customized service of "The World of Anna Sui", bringing the Sui-style art into ordinary people's homes, which was well received by users. The latest successful cooperation between 3TREES and the West Bund Expo and the successful exhibition of the 3TREES Lounge will be a new starting point for 3TREES to promote the creation of public space of art in cities. In the future, 3TREES will forge more cross-over cooperation with more high-end fields in the world to discover beauty, create beauty, and bring healthy and beautiful life to users.