"Putian Intellectual Manufacturing" Shines in Olympic Winter Games Beijing 2022
2022.02.21       Category: Media

(Source: Meizhou Daily) The much-anticipated XXIV Olympic Winter Games Beijing 2022 has drawn its curtains, and the Chinese Olympic athletes left the Games with 9 gold, 4 silver and 2 bronze medals, delivering their best performance ever in history. Behind the exciting scenes of this grand ice and snow event, "Putian Intellectual Production" has also made memorable moments during the Games. In particular, with its hard-core technologies, SKSHU Paint Co., Ltd. (3TREES) provided excellent services for the Olympic Winter Games Beijing 2022, and presented the image of Putian-based companies.

Supporting the construction of the Winter Olympic venues


The National Ski Jumping Center is located in Zhangjiakou, Hebei Province. It is China's first ski jumping venue, and also one of the main competition venues of the Olympic Winter Games Beijing 2022. Because the section of the jumping platform is consistent with the S-shaped curve of the traditional Chinese auspicious ornament “Ruyi”, it is vividly called “Snow Ruyi” The venue consists of two slopes, one for the large hill, with a drop of 136.2 meters, and another for the normal hill, with a drop of 114.7 meters, which makes it the largest and most technically difficult competition venue in the construction of the Winter Olympic venues in Zhangjiakou. 3TREES also participated in the construction of the National Ski Jumping Center "Snow Ruyi".


"Green Winter Olympics" is a concept championed by the Olympic Winter Games Beijing 2022. From the construction of venues and infrastructure to environmental protection, intelligent service, broadcasting technology and artificial intelligence, the green concept runs through the whole process of the Games. This approach also coincides with 3TREES’s business philosophy. Since its establishment, 3TREES has committed to the vision of “cultivating a hundred-year evergreen tree through green innovation”, and explored a path of green and high-quality development with its own unique features.


In order to overcome the difficulties in engineering and realize the vision of “green Olympics”, the idea of sustainability is honored throughout the preparation and construction of "Snow Ruyi". Not only is the venue built on the back of a mountain, with river water diverted to provide a water source for snow, and the whole construction merged into green vegetation, but the wall painting of the venue is also given much attention.


To this end, 3TREES set up a special technical team for the Winter Olympics project, and, after several rounds of field surveys, developed an odorless series of interior coating solutions tailor-made for venues with high altitude and cold climate, thus meeting the low-temperature, green and environment-friendly requirements of the venues of the Winter Olympics.


In addition to the National Ski Jumping Center, 3TREES also participated in the construction of the Chicheng Service Area of Yanqing-Chongli Expressway and the Winter Olympic Village in Zhangjiakou.


A perfect blend of technology and tradition


The Chinese short track speed skating team won the gold medal in the mixed relay, the first gold for Team China in the Olympic Winter Games Beijing 2022, and also the gold medal in men's 1000m.The helmets worn by the skaters captured everybody’s attention for their distinctive Chinese style, and each of them had a name to its own.


Wu Dajing’s helmet, “Sun Da Sheng, the God of War of China”, features a golden image of Sun Wukong, or Monkey King, on a red background. Inspired by the design style of the San Xing Dui heritage and ancient Chinese culture and the shape of green steel sculptures, the helmet recreates the image of Sun Wukong, the "God of War", in a new form, and represents the fighting spirit of the short-track speed skating team on the racing field. 3TREES was tasked with the design of the helmet pattern.

It is learned that the helmets designed by 3TREES for the short track speed skating national team have all incorporated the elements of traditional Chinese culture. In addition to the “Sun Da Sheng, the God of War of China” helmet for Wu Dajing, the helmet worn by Ren Ziwei is named "Galloping Steed - Shadow", with two Chinese characters Jue Ying (meaning Shadow) engraved on the front. Shadow is one of the most famous horses in ancient China and the mount of Cao Cao, a legendary commander during the Three Kingdoms period (220 AD-280 AD). When it gallops, the horse sweeps past like a shadow, matching the speed of Ren Ziwei in medium- and long-distance races. The helmets for Li Wenlong and Qu Chunyu are called "Flying Dragon", which are decorated with the pattern of two majestic golden dragons.

The helmets exclusively designed by 3TREES for the Chinese short track speed skating team during the Winter Olympics are all sprayed with the company’s proprietary water-based two-component polyurethane industrial coatings, which are defined by features such as environment-friendliness, low VOC, strong color saturation, brightness and smoothness. The use of special surface materials also reduces wind resistance, and ensures the best performance of the skaters during the Games, making the helmets a perfect example of how technology can be integrated with traditional culture.

Big technologies behind the small medals

During the Olympic Winter Games Beijing 2022, the "Frog Princess" Gu Ailing got two gold and one silver medals, and won the hearts of countless fans. On February 8, Gu claimed her first gold in the freestyle skiing women's big jump event, and left a classic moment of “biting the gold” at the victory ceremony. Some netizens commented, "It’s our own gold medal, and just feel free to bite". As a matter of fact, 3TREES also has a part to play in the medals of the Olympic Winter Games Beijing 2022.

Gold itself is soft and easy to wear; silver reacts with oxygen and moisture in the air and will soon turn black; copper also gets oxidized easily in the air and produces a green patina. In order to preserve the look of the gold, silver and bronze medals, they must be coated with a layer of protective paint. This protective paint must not affect the color of the gold, silver and copper itself, so that the look of the medals will not be compromised.

The medals of the Olympic Winter Games Beijing 2022 are applied with water-based silane-to-polyurethane coating specially developed by 3TREES. Its good transparency and strong adhesion are effective in restoring the original color of the materials. It also has the hardness, scratch and rust resistance that are needed in the protection of the medals. Its environmental features, including low VOC, colorless and odorless, and no content of heavy metal, are also in line with the vision of "green Olympics". This special coating is yet another proof of the “big technologies behind the small medals”.


As the official paint supplier, 3TREES has participated in more than ten Winter Olympic projects of different scales, providing green products and guidance on paint construction. In order to support the Olympic Winter Games Beijing 2022 in delivering its “carbon neutrality” commitment, 3TREES has set up a technical team especially for the Winter Olympic projects, conducted field surveys, and developed customized solutions for the interior wall coating system. While ensuring the temperature control of the venues, the system is durable and meet the environmental standards, which protects the health of athletes and all people in the venues.


The technologies accumulated during the Games will eventually serve the public in different forms. According to the 3TREES senior executive, the new technologies developed in the construction projects will be applied in various types of civil coating products in the future to provide health protection for people in their homes and workplaces.


Reporter: Chen Peida