Green Development·Innovative Growth: 3TREES Releases 2021 Corporate Social Responsibility Report
2022.05.06       Category: News

Recently, 3TREES officially released its annual CSR report for 2021.

3trees 2021 csr.jpeg

The year of 2021 is the first year of the implementation of the 14th Five-Year Plan and also the first year of 3TREES’s 5th Five-Year Plan. In this extraordinary year, 3TREES is adapting to the changing situation and exploring new grounds against the background of the “dual carbon” strategy. By pursuing green development and empowering growth through innovation, 3TREES has built a green Winter Olympic brand, and supported the Beijing 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games with ultimate products and services. Meanwhile, in line with the "dual carbon" strategy, 3TREES is leading the green transformation of the building materials industry toward a shared future.


As a leader of high-end paint brands in a big country, 3TREES has kept pace with the times, carried its duty and responsibility for society, and pursued green business development while maximizing social values.


Rendering full support to the green Olympics. 3TREES has assisted in the construction of Winter Olympic venues and facilities with coatings of the new “Health+” standard and professional technologies, which has effectively improved the durability and reliability of the venues and provided a healthy and safe competition environment for Olympic athletes.



While contributing to the major construction project of the nation, 3TREES has refined its unique craftsmanship, not only by designing and spraying exclusive helmets for short track speed skaters and painting protective paint for the Winter Olympic medals, but also by timely launching 3TREES excellence medals to carry forward the Olympic spirit, pay tribute to the outstanding models, and encourage associates and partners to seek inspirations from the stores of excellence behind the Winter Olympic events.


Fully implementing the “dual carbon” strategy. Since its establishment, 3TREES has integrated ecological strategy into its corporate management. While continuously innovating green and low-carbon products, 3TREES has built a strategic management system for carbon reduction, set scientific carbon targets, and established and improved the carbon evaluation system to promote the low-carbon concept throughout the life cycle of building construction. 3TREES encourages all employees and partners to consciously reduce carbon, conserve energy in production and the company’s daily operation, and work together to create a zero-carbon supply chain.

Effectively adapting to the increasingly severe external challenges. 3TREES is committed to building a high-quality enterprise by improving internal governance and leveraging the pioneering role of Party building.


Following the principle of “customer orientation”, 3TREES continues to improve product quality and raise customer satisfaction with services delivering an additional 1°of satisfaction. Committed to “win-win cooperation with partners”, 3TREES is working with partners to explore the path of green development and help the industry achieve high-quality, sustainable development. Committed to “sharing with strivers”, 3TREES continues to improve the training and development paths of employees, and provides a variety of employee activities with the aim of promoting the all-round development of employees and expanding the growth opportunities for them.


Undertaking social responsibility in line with the value of “Respect Nature and Care for Your Compatriots”. 3TREES has been actively involved in the organization of public welfare activities on the theme of the Winter Olympics, and built the “Winter Olympics public welfare runway” for the Yangzhuangke Township Central School in Weixian County, Hebei Province, making its contribution to the development of rural sports and the health of students. 3TREES is determined to build on the outcomes of pandemic control, and continues to support various public welfare programs such as rural revitalization, poverty reduction, education support, and environmental protection. As a good corporate citizen, 3TREES will actively fulfill its social responsibility, and carry forward the spirit of boundless love.



Since its establishment, 3TREES has committed itself to the mission of “making homes healthier, cities more beautiful and life better”, maintained cultural self-confidence and strategic determination, undertaken the responsibility and duty of a major national brand in the pursuit of development, advanced green innovation and ecological progress in the society, and made solid efforts toward the “dual carbon” targets. Going forward, 3TREES will continue to play its role as a good corporate citizen, actively fulfill its social responsibility, and embrace its new role and strive for new progress in the new era and new journey.


Those who achieve great things must have the will of perseverance. In this spirit, 3TREES will continue to forge ahead, practice green development, and empower growth through innovation.