Wu Dajing Visited 3TREES, the Enterprise of Intoxicating Beauty, Acting as the "Most Handsome Painter"
2022.09.02       Category: News

Wu Dajing, 3TREES’s brand spokesman and the Winter Olympic gold medalist, Chang Ting and Huang He, hosts of China Central Television (CCTV), walked in 3TREES’s Enterprise of Intoxicating Beauty, and started a "green journey". The program also invited Ms. Sun Lianying, President of China National Coatings Industry Association, a celebrity of the industry, to witness the perseverance and craftsmanship behind the growth of 3TREES. From green dreams to a green enterprise, from green scientific research to green products, 3TREES's green capability has been praised by the big names. Wu Dajing even said many times that he wants to join 3TREES and experience painting.



Green impression

The industrial park is not a park, better than a park

Speaking of industrial parks, people always think of large areas of factories and efficient production lines, but during the program, Wu Dajing and Chang Ting found that the 3TREES’s headquarters is like a 5A park, with green grass and trees, worthy of being known as a national "green factory". The host Chang Ting said with envy, "With mountains in the distance, water in the nearby, and 3TREES in the middle, working here is really a blessing!”


3TREES’s headquarters, the Enterprise of Intoxicating Beauty

Guo Jinming, a senior lecturer of 3TREES Group, introduced that the park was originally a century-old lychee forest, and the original landscape has been preserved as much as possible during the construction process, creating the current beautiful scenery, "not a park, better than a park".


The CCTV host Chang Ting is walking through the century-old lychee forest

Green experience

Wu Dajing Discovered his talent for painting

In addition to the ecological beauty of the park, the green capability of 3TREES is also very impressive. Wu Dajing developed a new skill while having the green tour with others, and became a "painter" as he wished.

But to become a qualified "painter", you need to go through multiple tests. 3TREES’s emulsion paint products have as many as 1800 colors. From their color selection to their naming, they all have integrated the traditional Chinese color culture. In the process of "color identification", Wu Dajing was most attracted to the "turquoise green", one of 3TREES’s main "traditional Chinese paint colors".


Wu Dajing is matching 3TREES’s paint colors to their names

After the color test, Wu Dajing and Chang Ting tried the roller painting and tile seam beautification processes. The processes seem to be simple but actually require professional skills, and the two novice "painters" found them difficult. 3TREES not only provides consumers with green and healthy products, but also launches the "Immediate Move-in" one-stop painting service, which provides standardized and touching services from proper treatment of the base layers to the protection of the surface decoration, helping consumers to renew their homes safely and conveniently.



Wu Dajing and Chang Ting are experiencing painting and seam beautification


Green standard

Strict requirements far exceed international standards

3TREES has also spent a great deal of effort in the R&D of green technology. The group has built five R&D centers, which have achieved a number of industry-leading scientific research results, nearly 600 authorized patents, and more than 30 first-class confidential formulas, and has developed nearly 10,000 products to meet users' demand for one-stop green building materials for their houses.


3TREES focuses on R& D with many authorized patents

Wu Dajing and Chang Ting, led by Dr. Liang Jianhe, the product manager of 3TREES, learned about 3TREES's "7-in-1 product system" and "health +" standard.

According to Liang Jianhe, "health +" standard requires 3TREES to improve the eco-friendly performance of its products from all aspects, including its paint, the volatiles during the painting process and the paint dry film. In terms of health standard requirements, 3TREES has far exceeded most of the international and domestic requirements." Wu Dajing also shared his experience of 3TREES’s "Immediate Move-in" service when he decorated his new home, and from the design, material selection to the construction process and delivery, he had no worries at all.



In the art paint formula lab, Wu Dajing and Chang Ting experienced the R&D and debugging process of art paint under the guidance of art paint engineer Wei Youguo, and got unique art paint. The lab also developed 3TREES’s pearlescent art paint such as the stone-like paint, Dunhuang colorful mural art paint, fantasy Venice art paint, etc. Due to their good textures and fashionable colors, they have been favored by many young people.


Wu Dajing and Chang Ting are experiencing the art paint formula

The green production lines create green products

In its Xiuyu factory, the host Huang He visited the green production lines of 3TREES together with Ms. Sun Lianying, President of China National Coatings Industry Association. Mr. Hong Junfan, Deputy General Manager of Xiuyu factory, said that the biggest feature of the factory is the "intelligent and clean production". Its highly intelligent and clean production on the product lines, and stable and reliable product quality were praised by Ms. Sun. Dr. Lin Jinbin, the product manager of 3TREES, explained how to design and produce green painting.




Green concept

Painting a better future for China

At the last stop, Wu Dajing and Chang Ting came to 3TREES Museum. The museum, built on a factory in the early days of 3TREES, preserves the original equipment and production line, presenting a vivid industrial style. Hong Shengyuan, Assistant Vice President of 3TREES, told the audience about the stories of 3TREES since its establishment 20 years ago.


3TREES Museum preserves the original production lines


In the museum, Wu Dajing found what he is most familiar with -- the exhibits related to the Beijing Winter Olympics. 3TREES participated in the construction of the "Snow Ruyi" and the Zhangjiakou Winter Olympic Village, designed and painted the Chinese-style helmets for the Chinese short track speed skating team, and applied protective coatings specifically for the Winter Olympic medals to protect them from fading.



Wu Dajing is telling the story of the Winter Olympic helmet and the medal

About 3TREES's insistence on green development, Hong Shengyuan said, 3TREES's interior and exterior products are carrying out the mission of "making home healthier, city more beautiful, and life better". Whether in terms of its enterprise management, product development or production, 3TREES insists on the green and high-quality development with its own characteristics.

On the shore of 3TREES's Lychee Lake with green ripples, Wu Dajing and the others finished the green tour and harvested a lot. The CCTV program, "Beautiful China, the Green Tour to 3TREES", shows 3TREES, as a responsible national enterprise, has a deep understanding of the concepts-- green eco-friendliness and is determined to carry it out. Green is the color that represents health and vitality, and the leading of green concepts will promote the high-quality development of the painting industry, painting a green future for China.