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Exterior Wall Anti-Crack Coarse Putty

This product is a new type of high-strength substrate leveling material. It is mainly used to adjust the flatness of rough and uneven cement mortar wall surfaces or concrete surfaces, so as to provide a smooth and good base surface for surface putty. It can also be directly used as the substrate material for texture paint, natural stone paint and granite paint.

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Product Introduction

It is suitable for the leveling of all kinds of concrete structures, cement mortar and building exterior walls. The product meets the requirements of the P-type standard of JG/T157 2009 Putty for Exterior Wall and the national standard GB24408 2009 Limit of Harmful Substances of Exterior Wall Coatings.

Product Properties
  • Environmental-friendly, no formaldehyde, no shedding, excellent water and alkali resistance. 
  • Resistant to self-cracking, powder shedding and high air permeability.
  • Easy application, and simple scrapping