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Eco-friendly Superstrong Ceramic Tile Adhesive

Eco-friendly superstrong ceramic tile adhesive series are specialized binders made from superior cement, refined quartz sand, high molecular polymer and modified additives, and possess ultra-strong adhesiveness. They are suitable for binding all kinds of ceramic tiles and stone materials on walls and floors with firm adhesion, no bulging and no falling off. The products well meet the health and environmental standards and provide good care for user health.

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Product Introduction

Substrate Treatment:

The substrate shall be solid, clean, free from shaking, oil stain, wax stain, concrete curing agent and other loose materials; in substrates with high water absorptivity or in high temperature and dry environment, the substrate should be wetted before construction, until it is dry outside and wet inside. The flatness of the substrate should be less than 0.5mm per meter. If this requirement is not met, leveling needs to be carried out first or scrapers with a larger tooth depth should be used.

Preparation of Adhesive Cement:

Add a suitable amount of water into the mixing bucket, and slowly add powder while mixing. The mixing ratio is 20kg powder : 4.2-4.6L water (depending on the convenience of application). Use an electric mixer to mix until there is no caking, place it for 5-10 minutes, and mix it fully again before use. Application should be ideally completed within 1 hour after preparation.


Use a tooth-type scraper to apply the tile adhesive onto the substrate, make it evenly distributed and comb into tooth-like strips. Apply the adhesive over an area of about 1 square meter each time, and softly press tiles onto it during the cooling period. When selecting scrapers with different tooth depths, one should take working surface flatness and tile back concavity into consideration.

Product Properties
  • Highly adhesive system material, and good matching;
  • Anti-shrinkage, not easy to bulge;
  • Super water resistance;
  • Thin application, less space occupation and light weight;
  • Convenient application, odorless and environmental-friendly.