Lean Production and Green Manufacturing
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Green Intelligent Manufacturing

It is 3TREES’s firm conviction that the only way to ensure the prosperity of its foundation business is to model itself after nature. Since its establishment in 2003, 3TREES has paid close attention to the health of human homes. Centering around a mission of “making homes healthier and cities more beautiful”, it has integrated an ecological strategy into its corporate development and committed itself to developing leading green standards, building green plants, intelligently manufacturing green products and creating a green industrial chain.

Plant Layout

With the purpose of building an intelligent ecological supply chain of "more output, faster production, better quality and less cost", 3TREES has 9 production bases already built or under construction in Sichuan, Henan, Tianjin, Anhui, Hebei, Guangdong, Hubei and other places, so as to promote the continuous optimization of its production capacity distribution, reduce transportation costs and improve delivery capacity.

3TREES Plant Layout
Putian plant (comprehensive)
Putian Xiuyu plant (under construction)
Tianjin plant (comprehensive)
Hebei plant (under construction)
Henan plant (water-based)
Anhui plant (comprehensive)
Guangdong Dayu plant (waterproof)
Hubei plant (waterproof)
Sichuan plant (comprehensive)
Green Production

3TREES not only pays attention to the idea of green and environmental-friendly R&D and production of products, but also attaches great importance to green and environmental friendliness on all links and processes in the whole supply chain, so as to ensure that the requirements of the ecological supply chain are met. 3TREES runs green supply chain management throughout its coating development and production process. It has strictly followed the requirement of GB/T35602-2017 Coatings for Green Product Evaluation that "no harmful substances shall be added intentionally" and actively participated in the formulation of national standards on harmful substance limits for coatings. It has also strictly complied with relevant national environmental laws, regulations and industrial policies, and built environmental facilities. In the product lifecycle, 3TREES takes into account low-carbon energy, green materials and harmlessness to the environment.

Green Information Platform

As for green supply chain platforms, 3TREES has established SRM, CRM, ERP, MES, PDM, WMS and other systems to realize interactive information management across the whole industrial chain and supply chain. Through real time information updates on collaborative platforms, partners can timely grasp relevant environmental laws and regulations, and achieve two-way flow of management information and data on the green supply chain.

Corporate Bottom Lines
环保Environmental protection

3TREES has always put environmental protection in an important position in its corporate development strategy. From the construction of green factories to the promotion of green product standards and the creation of a green supply chain, it has driven the whole industrial chain to take a path of green and sustainable development.

3TREES combines environmental management with corporate management to establish and improve its environmental management bodies and operation mechanisms.


3TREES maintains a safety and crisis awareness of "keeping extremely vigilant to prevent accidents". In particular, it has established an effective, rigorous and scientific environmental safety management system and culture for its hazardous chemical production workshops.

Since its establishment, 3TREES has established an environmental safety management system in strict accordance with relevant national laws and regulations, fulfilled its entity responsibilities for environmental safety, regularly carried out environmental safety training, education and assessment, and strengthened risk awareness.


In 3TREES, everyone is a craftsman. We are committed to delivering quality and sophisticated products and services with our loving, dedicated and ultimate craftsman spirit.

3TREES values quality and strives to provide users with quality assurance and high-taste and high-end products and services.

3TREES believes that only consistent high quality can please users, and win the market and public trust. It emphasizes quality monitoring between production procedures, so that self-inspection can become a common quality view among all employees.