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360 Multi-Effect Mouldproof Allround Primer

The 3TREES 360 Multi-Effect Mouldproof Allround Primer is made from superior raw materials, using advanced technology. It is an odorless interior wall primer with an outstanding anti-fungus feature.

Possessing a strong anti-fungus function, the product can effectively resist mold breeding under wet conditions, avoid the formation of mildew on the topcoat, and easily create a clean and neat home environment for you. At the same time, it has all-round performance, including resistance to rust spots, good hiding power, strong alkali resistance, good sealing, easy application, and enhanced topcoat adhesion and fullness, and can well protect the wall from interior to exterior. From raw materials to production, strict controls are implemented, with no added 7 additives. The product has passed multiple domestic and foreign authoritative environmental certifications and meets the more stringent Health+ Water-Based Coating Standard, thus providing better home protection.

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Product Profile

The 3TREES (New) Odorless 2-in-1 Wall Paint is an interior wall emulsion paint adopting an odorless and free-from-additives product formula. It achieves effective odor removal and is free from artificial addition of formaldehyde, benzene substances, VOCs, APEO, PAEs and other harmful substances. The product has passed UL GREENGUARD Gold Certification and French Indoor Air Emissions A+ Certification and meets the more stringent Health+ water-based coating standard, thus providing better home protection.

Scope of Application

Product use: It is widely used in the interior wall decoration and protection of villas, hotels, hospitals, schools, office buildings and homes.

Product Nature

Main ingredients: Water, pigment, filler, emulsion and auxiliaries.

Product Features

Super Healthy, Super Caring

3TREES Health+ Water-Based Coating Standard

UL GREENGUARD Gold Certification

French Indoor Air Emissions A+ Certification

China Environmental Labelling Product Certification

Highly efficient, odorless

Free of 7 additives


Practical Functions, Comprehensive Protection

Strong resistance to alkali

Excellent hiding power

Easier application

Product Description
  1. Free from 7 additives: No added VOC, formaldehyde, benzene substances (benzene, toluene, xylene, and ethylbenzene), excessive heavy metal pigments and fillers, APEO, ethylene glycol ether and ether ester, as well as PAEs. For details, refer to the China Environmental Labelling Product Certification Requirements.

  2. The product is undergoing packaging upgrading. Existing products with the old packaging will continue to be sold. Products in new and old packaging are of the same quality and quantity. Please feel free to use them.


Application instructions: The surface must be clean, dry, neutral, flat, and free of floating ash, oil stains and foreign substances. Water-leaking positions must undergo waterproof treatment. Before coating, the surface should be polished and leveled to ensure that the surface humidity of the pre-coated substrate is <10% and the pH value is <10. Paint surface effect will depend on substrate flatness.


Application conditions: Wall temperature ≥ 5 ℃, humidity ≤ 85%, well-ventilated.


Application method: Brushing, rolling, or spraying.

Dilution ratio: Dilute with clean water. It is recommended that the dilution ratio should not exceed 20% (weight ratio).


Theoretical paint consumption: 12-14m2/L/round (paint film is calculated as 30μm, and actual consumption varies slightly with substrate roughness and porosity).


Recoating time: Surface drying 30-60 minutes, hard drying 2 hours, and recoating interval 2-3 hours (which may be duly extended under low-temperature and high-humidity conditions)


Maintenance time: 7 days / 25℃, which may be duly extended under low-temperature, high-humidity conditions to obtain a solid film effect. In the process of paint film maintenance and daily use, it is suggested that doors and windows should be closed for dehumidification in high humidity weather (such as Wet Spring and Plum Rain).


Substrate Treatment:

  1. New wall: Thoroughly remove surface dust, oil stains, loose plaster, etc., and repair any holes to ensure that the wall surface is clean, dry and smooth.

  2. Re-painting wall: Thoroughly remove the original paint film and putty layer, clean surface dust, and level, polish, clean and thoroughly dry the surface, so as to avoid problems left over from the old wall (odor, mildew, etc.) affecting the application effect.

*Before coating, the substrate should be checked; coating can only start after the substrate passes acceptance inspection.


Coating System:

For best effect, please use this product together with 3TREES primer.

Substrate treatment (3TREES substrate treatment product series) - primer (360 Multi-Effect Mouldproof Allround Primer) - apply 1 round - topcoat (Health+ Wall Paint) – apply 2 rounds


Tool Cleaning:

After or between applications, please clean the tools with clean water in time in order to prolong tool life. The packaging bucket can be recycled after cleaning, and packaging waste may be recycled for reuse.

  1. This product should be sealed and stored at 0-40℃ in a cool and dry place and away from exposure to the sun.

  2. Refer to the product label for production date, batch number and expiration date.

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