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Natural Inorganic Mineral Flame Retardant Wall Paint

The Natural Inorganic Mineral Flame Retardant Wall Paint is made with select natural inorganic mineral materials as the aggregate, using an environmental-friendly formula and technology. It can meet the Class-A burning behavior performance requirements of decorative materials, thus providing extra protection for buildings.

The product is odorless and free from added formaldehyde, benzene substances and other VOCs, and possesses multiple functions such as resistance to fungus, alkali and water, good permeability, high scrubbing resistance and excellent hiding power, which can make the wall fresh for a long time. Easy to apply, the product can produce good coating effect and is an ideal choice for interior decoration with fire protection requirements. Its supporting primer has the characteristics of strong alkali resistance, high permeability, outstanding sealing performance and good adhesion, can improve wall surface fullness and present better decorative effect.

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