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360 Interior Putty Paste

This is made from quality raw materials and through advanced techniques, and is a new-generation eco-friendly substrate treatment product. It is usable upon opening and easy to apply. It sticks solidly with the substrate after scraping, is highly adhesive, and of fine texture and decorative effect.

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The product is compliant with the following standards:

  • JG/T 298-2010 Interior Putty Y

  • GB18582 Indoor Decorating and Refurbishing Materials - Limit of Harmful Substances of Adhesives


1.0-1.6kg/㎡, depending on substrate conditions


Substrate Treatment:

  1. The substrate layer should be solid, flat, and free of dust and stain. Any flaking or peeling shall be removed (Any construction glue, plaster powder, or paper strip mixed lime mortar applied to the substrate must be completely removed).

  2. Holes and hollows on or in the wall shall be dealt with; seams between calcium silicate board, gypsum board or wood board and the wall, or seams between boards shall be sealed.


Use a steel scraper and scrap for several times, each time with a maximum thickness of 1.0mm, preferably 0.5-0.8mm. The whole putty layer shall not exceed 1.5mm. A second scraping can start when the previous one dries. Polishing and painting can only be carried out after the putty layer is completely dry.

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