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Odorless Joint Master

This product is suitable for those positions which are easy to crack in indoor and outdoor decorations. When injected into the joints of same or different materials such as wood, masonry, gypsum boards and calcium silicate, it can offer a good anti-cracking effect. The product is also suitable for repairing roof leaks, bonding wood and plastic materials, and sealing cracks on various grouting projects, bridges and tunnels.

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Product Features
  1. Excellent anti-cracking performance: It can ensure no-cracking without the need for pasting kraft paper, linen or other traditional joint bonding materials on the surface of joint bonding products.

  2. Strong surface adhesion: After hard drying, the joint master will have a rough surface with good adhesion.

  1. Mix the main material and curing agent in a strict 2:1 ratio.

  2. Scrape the fully and evenly mixed material into the joint to be bonded and make sure to apply solidly and flatly (fill up fully and use the angle end of the scraper to scrape back and forth at the joint location. There should be no hollowing.)

  3. Scrape the product into an even 5-8cm-wide and >2 mm-thick film on the surface of the joint, and press a mesh cloth or straw belt with a scraper to get better strength;

  4. After the joint master dries and solidifies, apply one layer of interface agent or liquid linen on the surface as the sealing coating to prevent the putty powder from hollowing, falling off or yellowing.

  5. The best strength forms within one week after ≤ 3 hours of surface drying and ≤ 24 hours of hard drying at a room temperature of 25℃

  6. For a coating 4cm wide and 2mm thick over a 0.3m-wide and 0.3cm-deep conventional joint, the theoretical coating consumption is 10m/kg (for reference only, actual consumption depends on substrate)

  1. After opening the storage bucket, blend the main material and curing agent evenly respectively before mixing them together, and seal the bucket tightly after use.

  2. Mix the main material and curing agent in strict accordance with the specified ratio. Otherwise, it may cause the joint master to be wet for a long time, seep color or crack.

  3. If the joint is too small, make sure to use a scraper or other tools to cut a 3-4mm-wide opening before applying the product. 

  4. To apply the product on calcium silicate board or gypsum board joints, make sure to clear the powder and dirt on the inside and surface of the joint, mix the product well and apply it several rounds until the dust is completely fused with the product.

  5. For application on lime walls or soft substrates, make sure to remove the surface and clear the dust before applying the product. Otherwise, it can easily cause peeling off and cracking.

  6. Make sure to use the supporting products in the brand package. The mixed product should be used up within 30 minutes, while those not must be sealed immediately after opening.

  7. The suitable temperature is 5℃ - 35℃, and air humidity is ≤85%. Please keep the environment ventilated and dry during the application process. Keep the container closed.

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