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Healthy Putty Glue

3TREES's Healthy Putty Glue is a high-end product using eco-friendly materials and advanced techniques, without added formaldehyde during whole course of production. Thanks to the select premium raw materials, the product is not only safe and eco-friendly, but also offers excellent anti-fungus performance for walls, making it an ideal option for high-end decoration. It is a highly adhesive, concentrated product, and can also be used after dilution. 

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20KG*1/N.W.: 15KG

Scope of Application

It is an ideal mate of putty powder in high-end decoration. Safe and eco-friendly, it can be added into talcum powder or putty powder to increase adhesion and elasticity of the putty layer, prevent cracking and flaking of the substrate layer and ensure solidity, flatness and anti-fungal/bacterial effect of the scraping layer.

Product Features
  • No benzene series

  • No added formaldehyde

  • No heavy metal

  • No phthalate plasticizer

  • No NP surfactant

  1. It shall be applied with environment temperature being 5-35℃ and humidity ≤80%.

  2. It can be mixed with powder according to a certain proportion, and a small amount of cellulose can be added to make application easier.


GB18583-2008 HJ2541-2016 Health+

Expiration Date

From production date, a product properly packed can be stored for 12 months in a cool, dry place.

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