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Category: Wood Paint-Interior Oil-based Series
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Space Wood Paint

Made from quality raw materials, this is a high-end wood paint. It is free of added TDI, benzene, methylbenzene, xylene and formaldehyde. It resists yellowing, aging and wear and is of a higher fullness.

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  • Stir evenly before use, mix according to the required proportion, stir, leave it for 10 minutes and it’s ready to apply

  • Paint opened but not mixed shall be re-sealed and stored in a cool, dry place

  • Paint mixed shall be used within four hours, and shall not be put back into bucket

  • Please use together with other 3TREES products to avoid any adverse reaction

  • Application method: spraying or brushing

  • Drying time: surface drying ≤30 minutes, hard drying six hours (with temperature at 23±2℃, humidity ≤75%)

  • Theoretical applying area (mixed liquid): brushing 10-12㎡/kg/time, spraying 5㎡/kg/time. Actual area depends on application method, surface roughness and environment.

Product Features
  • Superior quality: no added TDI, benzene, methylbenzene, xylene and formaldehyde;

  • Fresh odor

  • High performance, full film, wear resistance

  • Resistance to yellowing and aging

  • Easy to apply



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