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Category: Wood Paint-Interior Oil-based Series
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Plant Air Purification Anti-Formaldehyde Wood Paint

This is an upgraded plant odorless product. It can effectively absorb and decompose formaldehyde and other toxic gases in interior wooden plates. It also resists yellowing, wear and is of a higher hardness, thus serving as an ideal choice in your seeking for a healthy life.

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  • Stir evenly before use, mix according to the required proportion, stir, leave it for 10 minutes and it’s ready to apply

  • Paint opened but not mixed shall be re-sealed and stored in a cool, dry place

  • Paint mixed shall be used within four hours, and shall not be put back into bucket

  • Please use together with other 3TREES products to avoid any adverse reaction

  • Scope of Application: widely applied to coating of wooden objects, including interior decorations and furniture

  • Application method: spraying or brushing

  • Drying time: surface drying ≤30 minutes, hard drying six hours (with temperature at 23±2℃, humidity ≤75%)

  • Theoretical applying area (mixed liquid): brushing 10-12㎡/kg/time, spraying 5㎡/kg/time. Actual area depends on application method, surface roughness and environment.

Product Features
  • Natural soybean oil

  • Formaldehyde-free formula

  • Effective decomposition of formaldehyde



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