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Healthy Home Odorless Bamboo Charcoal 2-in-1 Wall Paint

The 3TREES Healthy Home Odorless Bamboo Charcoal 2-in-1 Wall Paint adopts select superior emulsion as the aggregate, supplemented by bamboo charcoal technology, to give rise to fresh and natural smell, excellent hiding power, high coverage, and fine and soft paint film. It offers multiple functions, including compact and full paint film and easy application.

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Application instructions: The surface must be clean, dry, neutral, flat, and free of floating ash, oil stains and foreign substances. Water-leaking positions must undergo waterproof treatment. Before coating, the surface should be polished and leveled to ensure that the surface humidity of the pre-coated substrate is <10% and the pH value is <10. Paint surface effect will depend on substrate flatness.

Application conditions: Wall temperature ≥ 5℃, and humidity ≤ 85%.

Application method: Brushing, rolling, or spraying.

Dilution ratio: Dilute with clean water. Specific dilution ratio may be determined based on weather, substrate, application method and other conditions.

Theoretical paint consumption: 12-14m2/L/round (paint film is calculated as 30μm, and actual consumption varies slightly with substrate roughness and porosity).


Recoating time: Surface drying 30-60 minutes and recoating interval ≥2 hours (at 25-30℃, which may be duly extended under low-temperature conditions).

Maintenance time: 7 days, which may be duly extended under low-temperature conditions to obtain a solid film effect.

Tool cleaning: After or between applications, please clean the tools with clean water in time so as to prolong tool life.


Safety and Health Tips:

  1. Please cover the paint tank tightly and keep it out of children’s reach;

  2. Please operate the paint in a well-ventilated environment and wear protective masks when polishing walls;

  3. When applying the paint, please follow local operation specifications and wear necessary protective and labor protection items, such as protective glasses, gloves and professional spraying clothes;

  4. If the paint is accidentally splashed into the eye, please immediately rinse with plenty of water and go to hospital for treatment;

  5. Do not dump residual paint into the sewer so as to avoid clogging.

  6. Please comply with local environmental standards when disposing paint waste.

The product should be sealed and stored at 0-40℃ in a cool and dry place.

Refer to the product label for production date, batch number and expiration date.

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