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The 3TREES BB Paint (Ultimate Version) makes innovative use of "food contact class" technology and has passed FDA 21 CFR 175.300 test. The exquisite 300mL 3TREES BB Paint (Ultimate Version) Mini provides 11 preset colors for you to create color walls people can kiss and make yourself a real artist!

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Product Description

Leveraging state-of-the-art technology, the 3TREES BB Paint is the first in China’s paint industry to adopt BASF’s food contact-class emulsion as the core raw material. Made with an innovative "food contact-class wall paint" formula, the product has passed food contact-class test and conforms to FDA 21 CFR 175.300).

The product has a skin-friendly touch, soft and elegant luster, and conforms to multiple international environmental certifications and standards. It is an ideal choice for home decoration with strict requirements for health-friendliness.

The exquisite 300mL 3TREES BB Paint (Ultimate Version) Mini comes in 11 preset colors, allowing you to DIY at will to create kissable colors.

Product Features

Multiple Health Controls and Better Home Protection

3TREES Health+ Water-Based Coating Standard

UL GREENGUARD Gold Certification

French Indoor Air Emissions A+ Certification

China Environmental Labelling product certification


Nice Look and More Fashionable High-End Paint

Small can body and glass texture, effectively bidding farewell to the traditional impression

Ingenious design, 11 preset colors visible through the can


Outstanding Functions and Purer Quality Performance

11 preset color mixes and have passed FDA’s food contact class test

Skin-friendly touch, soft and elegant luster, and great sense of high-end quality

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