Their Steps Steady and Far-reaching, They are Going After Their Aspirations: The Second Day of the Gobi Going
2020.09.11       Category: News

Seemingly insurmountable obstacles

Are often stepping stones on the road to success

If there is light in your heart, why should you fear the road hard and long

With steps steady and far-reaching, just get going!


After the first day of sandstorm and heavy loads on the hiking, the Gobi going team of 3TREES were continuing forward for their persistent belief, challenging 30 kilometers from Huangguyi to Kunlun Barrier.


Today, the terrain of the road was complex, and the gravel on the Gobi seemed endless, the mountains were undulating, and the dense camel thorns were blocking the road, which undoubtedly added great difficulties to the warriors, but no difficulty could stop 3TREES never-ending steps.


Halfway through the journey, problems such as soreness in their leg, blistering on their feet, injuries from walking for 29 kilometers on the first day begun to become prominent, and many felt uncomfortable, with exhaustion, numbness, heavy breath and difficulty in walking. So each step brought struggle and suffering, and each moment a combat between soul and body.



Today's competition rule was for the teams to march collectively, and the time when the whole team cross the line is to be taken as the team's scores.

For the sake of the team, the teammates, and their original aspirations, no one cringed or gave up. The spirit of hard work and teamwork of 3TREES was infused into everyone's blood as everyone had a firm belief and acted as the day before. Facing the dehydrating wind, the teammates were helping and encouraging each other while walking hand in hand. Finally, all the teams of 3TREES crossed the line after 11 hours of hard walk!

Stories on the Gobi: Perseverance shall never die

★ Liu Hongchao, a customer of Paint Decoration Department of Eight Hundred Team, was suffering a serious injury in his knee and walking was hard as he was even having the idea of quitting when he was at the supply station. However, as an honorary captain, he gritted his teeth and persisted with the help of his teammates. Other team members also vowed to go together with their captain, waiting for each other for 2 hours before hitting the finish line before the whole team crossed the line hand in hand!

★ Qiu Sheng, a customer of the Dayu Center and a member of the X3 Team, was suffering from a spasm in his thigh due to overweight from overload on his legs while moving forward. And during the last 22km, he needed a massage for each 500 meters for recovery. And yet it was in such pains that he trekked for 11 hours for the finish line. He said, "I must go through the whole way." What a powerful heart that he has!

★The Struggle Team of Paint Decoration Department

★ Zhang Pei, a customer of the Paint Decoration Department on the Struggle Team, had more than ten blisters on his feet and his toenails were broken. Yet he, enduring the pain when the wound was being treated and not forgetting to ridicule himself: "Am I the king of blisters?" To that there came a burst of laughter, and his optimism affected everyone.


The teams of 3TREES measured the long road on the Gobi with their footsteps. And they were persistent, going forward with perseverance towards the goal no matter how far the journey was, or how long the road ahead!


Each step is about washing the soul

Each time witnesses the persistence for dreams

Confident in the goal of 10 billion yuan, we are looking forward to the dreams of 100 billion yuan

Supporting the earth and greening the world