Good News丨3TREES Wins “Asia Famous Brand Award 2020”
2020.09.10       Category: News

On September 9, 2020, the 15th Asia Brand Ceremony was held at the Hainan Free Trade Port. 3TREES won the "Asia Famous Brand Award 2020", and Mr. Hong Jie, Chairman and President of 3TREES, received the honorary title of “Top 10 (Industry) Brand Leaders in China 2020”.



 ▲The Asia Brand Ceremony

Known as the "Annual Oscars" of the Asian brand circles, the Asia Brand Ceremony was initiated by Asiabrand, a professional brand evaluation agency. So far, it has been successfully held 14 times, serving thousands of well-known enterprises in Asia. Commanding wide social influence, the Asia Brand Ceremony has become an important bridge for Asian brands to go to the world stage.


The Asia Brand Ceremony aspires to cultivate brands and commend new industrial leaders. As a great high-end Chinese brand, 3TREES has won recognition from the Asia Brand Ceremony for its outstanding cultural tradition, innovation leadership and great brand influence.

Resources will be used up one day, but only culture will last. With its “Imitation of Nature” culture, green brand, healthy products and touch-the-heart services, 3TREES has won numerous outstanding strategic partners around the world.

In the area of public welfare, 3TREES Chairman Hong Jie and the companies invested by 3TREES have all devoted great enthusiasm to various social welfare undertakings and sunshine projects. Through the Internet plus public welfare channel, the company has actively launched online public welfare activities, calling for more public participation in 3TREES’s public welfare events and the establishment of an open sharing and win-win public platform.


In the areas of brand development, 3TREES has closely focused its efforts on the three main themes of "Value, Collaboration and Growth" in 2020, achieving sound growth against an adverse environment. Activities include: developing innovative high-end products to continuously improve the construction of multiple channels; building a new retail matrix through event marketing and cross-over cooperation to achieve wider and deeper brand communication and exposure on online new media and in offline events. In particular, A series of high-end, innovative and brand marketing measures have further enhanced the awareness and reputation of the 3TREES brand, and showcased the great power of 3TREES’s green brand to the world.




3TREES will continue to proactively build itself into a high-end brand and a green public welfare brand of a big country, devote itself to the public welfare cause, strive to create value and give it back to society, impress consumers and partners with its ecological culture, technology innovation, intelligent manufacturing and touch-the-heart services, boost brand influence and realize its great vision of supporting the earth and greening the world.