3TREES Attends CHINA COATINGS SHOW 2020 and Wins Three Grand Awards
2020.09.09       Category: News

From September 2 to 4, CHINA COATINGS SHOW 2020 and CHINACOAT 2020 opened at Shanghai New International Expo Center. The grand event attracted more than 200 coating, raw material and equipment exhibitors from home and abroad, showcasing innovative achievements in China's coating industry.


3TREES brought its ideas of ultimate health, green quality and simple and fashionable aesthetic design to the exhibitions, showcasing its “Imitation of Nature” culture, integrated 6-in-1 one-stop system of green construction materials and services, solutions for a "better life" and a series of high-end products. All these gave viewers the opportunity to get a glimpse of China’s high-end coating leader.

Outside of the 3TREES Exhibition Hall was a gigantic scene display made of environmental-friendly texture art paint. It instantly turned into a popular place for viewers and a landmark display of the entire exhibition.




Walking into the exhibition hall, one could see more than a dozen high-end latex paint products represented by Fresh Breath Air Purification Paint. These included not only new anti-virus products developed for the current fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, but also new products of the “National Trend Series” which represent the best wall paint solutions in China, such as High Performance & High Moistureproof Wall Paint, High Performance One Coat Wall Paint and High-Performance & Scrub-Resistant Wall Paint. In the meantime, 3TREES also showcased its high-end customized wall products and one-stop basic and auxiliary materials with rich colors and textures. Together with “Immediate Move-in” one-stop service, these products and services can create a healthy and green home environment for consumers, realize one-stop rapid delivery for new decorations and renovations, and make homes healthier and life more beautiful.










3TREES's green and health ideas, stylish exhibition hall, and high-end and high-quality products attracted the high attention of various important institutions, associations and the media alike. The 3TREES exhibition hall was a full house of visitors throughout the event.


3TREES Vice President Lin Dedian is interviewed by CCTV's Economy and Finance on the Hour column

3TREES also won 3 grand awards at CHINA COATINGS SHOW 2020, including the “Model Organization of Fight against the COVID-19 Pandemic”, the “Low-VOC Paint Demonstration Organization” and the “Outstanding Exhibition Enterprise of Green Manufacturing”.


In 2020, 3TREES will, as always, promote green and low-carbon lifestyles through its hi-tech and healthy products and one-stop touch-the-heart services, and bring a more intimate, safer and more assured coating experience to consumers. At the same time, 3TREES will adhere to the path of sustainable and high-quality development and showcase to the world Chinese quality, strength and responsibility.