Salute the Times and the Future丨3TREES Wins Title of “TOP70 Brands on the 70th Founding Anniversary of China"
2019.10.17       Category: News

On October 15, 2019, the grand award ceremony of "TOP70 Brands on the 70th Founding Anniversary of China" was held at the National Convention Center in Beijing. As a leading brand of healthy coatings in China, 3TREES won the special honor of "TOP70 Brands on the 70th Founding Anniversary of China".



2019 marked the 70th founding anniversary of China. To implement the national strategy of building China into a "brand powerhouse" and showcase the vigorous vitality of Chinese brands amidst economic globalization, CCTV's The Growing of the Great Brand Program and the China Advertising Association jointly staged the Brands Summit for the 70th Founding Anniversary of China". The event showed the world the outstanding outlook of China's national brands and boosted the great rise of Chinese brands.


With the theme of "Salute the Times and the Future", the grand event brought together 70 top-notch Chinese brands with the greatest social contribution and brand achievements in China to heighten their sense of social responsibility and patriotism. The summit also provides spiritual incentives for the country and people to continue to forge ahead.  


As the leading national coating brand in China, 3TREES was named "TOP70 Brands for the 70th Founding Anniversary of China" for its excellent cultural tradition, innovation leadership and market influence. It marks public recognition of 3TREES's brand power.

At the beginning of its establishment, 3TREES took the industry lead in putting forward the concept of "healthy paint". It is the first paint enterprise to take green as its main brand tone and to call for returning to one’s original aspiration and getting close to nature, generating an all-new trend in the industry. 


Closely following China's development ideas of "innovation, harmony, greenness, openness and sharing", 3TREES has persistently made efforts to cultivate a hundred-year evergreen tree through green innovation. From corporate image to corporate spirit, it has taken "healthiness, naturalness, greenness" as its general program for brand building, endeavored to enrich its brand connotations from the aspects of greenness, life and responsibility, and established a brand cluster covering multi-variety products. 3TREES has cultivated in people's minds its healthy, environmentally-friendly and aspirant brand image. 

At the same time, 3TREES has also actively built itself into a green and public welfare brand and engaged in environmental protection, poverty alleviation, education and other public welfare undertakings, striving to create value and repay society. Through eco-friendly culture, scientific and technological innovation, intelligent manufacturing, and touch-the-heart services, it has carried the banner of a big country brand.

Leveraging CCTV's platform strength and its own advantages of a great Chinese brand, 3TREES will continue to tell its brand story well, enhance its brand value, establish its influence as a national high-end brand, put the national brand strategy into practice, and compete on the world stage as China’s leading coating brand.


In the future, 3TREES will firmly carry out its corporate mission of "making home healthier and cities more beautiful", adhere to its core corporate values of customer orientation, win-win cooperation with partner and sharing with strivers, stay true to its original aspiration, manage itself with devotion and ideals, align its “corporate dream" with the "Chinese dream", build itself into a signpost Chinese national brand in the international coating industry, and realize the lofty dream of serving the country through industry.