VIPs from Private Enterprises in Quanzhou and Putian Come to 3TREES for Talks About the Real Economy
2019.07.30       Category: News

Quanzhou Municipal Federation of Industry and Commerce sent a delegation for entrepreneurial studies to 3TREES’s Park of Intoxicating Beauty, where a meeting was held for communication and exchange with private entrepreneurs from Putian Municipal Federation of Industry and Commerce revolving around the theme of "Doing business with dedication and without distractions" on July 26, in the most beautiful season when peonies and litchi blossoms are in full bloom and fragrance.

The event was aimed at studying and implementing the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech at the symposium on private enterprises and that of the important speech delivered by the Fujian delegation at the Second Session of the 13th National People's Congress and promoting the exchanges and cooperation between private enterprises in Putian and Quanzhou.

Attending the meeting were Li Jianhui, deputy secretary of Putian Municipal Committee and mayor, chairman of Quanzhou Municipal Federation of Industry and Commerce, Zhou Shaoxiong, chairman of Fujian Septwolves Industry Co., Ltd., Hong Jie, chairman of SKSHU Paint Co., Ltd., Ding Shizhong, chairman of Anta Sports Co., Ltd., deputy director of United Front Work Department of Quanzhou Municipal Committee, Chen Hui, party secretary of Quanzhou Municipal Federation of Industry and Commerce, Chen Xiaohong, and other leaders and entrepreneurs from Putian and Quanzhou.


During the period, the delegates participated in the 3TREES Litchi Culture Festival, visited 3TREES Museum and Park of Intoxicating Beauty in the company of Hong Jie, Chairman of SKSHU Paint Co., Ltd., and learned about the ecological culture, history, natural zones, green brands and healthy products of 3TREES while giving profuse praise about its growth and culture.

Entrepreneurs from the two cities at the symposium discussed "how to promote the upgrading of the whole industrial chain and process", "how to create a favorable environment for innovation and entrepreneurship", and "how to boost exchanges and cooperation between the two cities", thereby deepening the interaction between enterprises and giving rise to a "brainstorm" in which governments and enterprises cooperate to build a new real economy.

Hong Jie, Chairman of Putian Municipal Federation of Industry and Commerce and Chairman of SKSHU Paint Co., Ltd., first gave a welcome speech in which he thanked the entrepreneurs from Quanzhou and Putian for coming to Park of Intoxicating Beauty to exchange ideas and experience the culture of 3TREES in the best season.


Mr. Hong then pointed out that Quanzhou and Putian business people were representatives of Fujian merchants. He said that Quanzhou was a leader in brand and capital construction in China, while Putian was at the forefront of many industries in the country such as jewelry and mahogany. And he expressed the hope that entrepreneurs from Putian and Quanzhou would strengthen exchanges, complement each other in their advantages, jointly carry forward the spirit of Fujian merchants and make greater contributions to the local economy.

Mr. Hong emphasized that when attendeing the deliberation of the Fujian delegation at the Second Session of the 13th National People's Congress, General Secretary Xi Jinping said, "It is the duty of an entrepreneur to be totally dedicated to his industry," which pointed out the road ahead for private enterprises. Therefore we should work hard in this great era to make the enterprises stronger and bigger. So since its establishment 17 years ago, 3TREES had stuck to its main business and the industry, always focused on coatings, innovated products and services, led the development of the company with corporate culture, and made a career out of all that, he said.

Chairman Hong also introduced the history, culture, brands and product innovation of 3TREES.

Zhou Shaoxiong, Chairman of Quanzhou Municipal Federation of Industry and Commerce and Chairman of Septwolves, Ding Shizhong, Chairman of Anta, Wu Huaxin, Chairman of Yongrong Holding Group, Cai Zongmei, Chairman of Tries Group, Fang Zhizhong, Chairman of Putien Restaurant, and Wang Dongxing, Chairman of Lilanz Group, spoke on behalf of Quanzhou and Putian private entrepreneurs, saying that they had felt Mr. Hong's visions and beautiful original aspirations as an entrepreneur during their visit to the 3TREES, and experienced the powerful driving force of corporate culture in the development of the 3TREES. At the same time, they also saw that Chairman Hong was able to make intensive and downright efforts for 3TREES.



Entrepreneurs from Quanzhou and Putian gave enthusiastic speeches, interacted and shared their experience in the exchange and consultation, saying that facing the downward pressure of the economy, only by doing business in a devoted and realistic way could we face up the challenges, seize opportunities and foresee the future.


In concluding his speech, the deputy secretary of Putian Municipal Committee and Mayor Li Jianhui said that Putian Municipal Committee and Municipal Government had been attaching great importance to the exchange of entrepreneurs between the two cities which were close at hand despite their differences in their culture and private economy; it was hoped that entrepreneurs from the two places would learn from each other and complement their efforts and make contributions to the development of Fujian businesses and the economy. Mayor Li also introduced Putian's economic development and planning for the industries.


The meeting for study via exchange has not only provided a platform for efficient communication and close exchange for private enterprises in the two cities, but also has great significance for carrying out crossover cooperation, upgrading industries, meeting challenges together, carrying forward the spirit of Fujian merchants and promoting the development of enterprises, and has opened a new chapter in their cooperation and development of private enterprises.