For Innovation and Creation, 3TREES Ranks Among the Top 500 Patents of Chinese Enterprises
2019.08.05       Category: News

The Seventh China Marketing International Conference & the First China Creation Exhibition was held in Guangzhou from July 22 to 25, where China's outstanding creative products and brands were displayed intensively and the list of the Top 500 Patents of Chinese Enterprises was released for the first time when 3TREES, on the list with a score of 78.32 points, was among 31 manufacturers of chemical raw materials and chemical products on the list.

Featuring the theme of "Globalization 2.0: China and the World Market", the conference attracted about 5,000 people from all walks of life at home and abroad, including experts and scholars, business people, media and university students. The purpose of the event was to build a platform for all-round interactions and highest-level international exchanges among global marketing academia, Chinese creators and government departments.

9 indicators of evaluation were involved concerning the list of the top 500 patents of Chinese enterprises, namely, quantity, homogeneity, patentability, exclusiveness, methodological degree, featuring degree, classification, novelty and citation, each of which was given corresponding weight, and the strategy of patent layout, quality of application and technological innovation were evaluated. Moreover, the patents of enterprises registered in China were calculated with the method of "artificial intelligence big data analysis".

3TREES has been granted 285 valid authorized patents, of which 161 were invention patents, 61 utility model patents and 63 design patents.

Science and technology change the world, while innovation is the driver in the future. 3TREES put forward the concept of “Cultivating a hundred-year evergreen enterprise through green innovations” from the very beginning of its founding, and came up with an innovation concept, namely "breakthrough every day for one step faster than others" and an R&D concept of "Ultimate performance and application for ultimate health" for its rapid development with innovations and creations.

3TREES has three R&D platforms, namely, National Technology Center, Post-Doctoral Research Center and Academicians & Experts Workstation as well as CNAS, i.e. Nationally Recognized Laboratory. It appoints Professor Jean-Marie Lehn, Father of Supramolecular and Nobel Laureate in Chemistry, as the chief research consultant, and employs nearly 1,000 people in scientific research and technical teams.

Every year, a large number of doctors and masters from famous universities at home and abroad are introduced, who undertake the national "863" projects and a number of national scientific research projects. 3TREES has established industry-university-research cooperative partnerships with Chinese Academy of Sciences, Tsinghua University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Xiamen University and Fuzhou University, which have resulted in a good many world-leading scientific research achievements and national invention patents. Moreover, it has participated in the formulation of more than 30 national and industrial standards, and is the proprietor of more than 30 first-class confidential formulas and nearly 40 core technical journal papers.

To encourage all employees to innovate and create, 3TREES has built a platform for intelligence creation and implemented a reward system for technological and managerial innovation.

Thanks to 3TREES's attention and encouragement, more and more innovative talents have emerged from within 3TREES, who have brought about continuous changes and breakthroughs in management and technologies, and become the core competitiveness of its sustainable development, creating more and better products and services. At the same time, it is intent on creation in China and China’s intellectual innovation going global through cross-border exchanges, peer competition and cooperation.