3TREES Studying and Implementing the Gist of General Secretary Xi Jinping's "May Fourth" Speech and the Ninth May Fourth Youth Day Song Competition a Success
2019.05.20       Category: News

100 years ago, the May Fourth Movement inspired the ambitions and confidence of the Chinese people and nation for national rejuvenation with tremendous power and effort; now Chinese youth has continued the tradition and embraced this new era of endeavors under the inspiration of the May Fourth Movement one hundred years later after generations of people with lofty ideals.

3TREES Studying and Implementing General Secretary Xi Jinping's Speech at the 100th Anniversary of the May Fourth Movement and the final of the 9th May Fourth Youth Song Competition was a success on the evening of May 16, the event being sponsored by Putian Municipal Committee of the Communist Youth League, Licheng District Committee of the Communist Youth League, 3TREES Party Committee and 3TREES Youth League Committee, when Huang Zidi, deputy secretary of Putian Municipal Committee of the Communist Youth League, Lin Feng, secretary of Licheng District Committee of the Communist Youth League, Fang Guoqin, party secretary and vice president of 3TREES, and Xu Lifang, vice president of 3TREES, and other leaders attended the conference and music feast together with all the employees of 3TREES in Putian in the multi-function hall on the third floor of the headquarters.


The conference was started by Huang Zidi, deputy secretary of Putian Municipal Committee of the Communist Youth League, who took the stage to deliver a speech and shared the gist of General Secretary Xi Jinping's speech at the centennial conference to commemorate the May Fourth Movement. Then Fang Guoqin, Party Secretary of 3TREES, gave a message to 3TREES youths, expressing the hope that each youth would inherit the spirit of May Fourth Movement, strengthen the faith, shoulder their mission bravely, and continue to make great efforts toward 3TREES's "10 billion’s worth of goals and 100 billion’s worth of dreams".


Inheriting the spirit of the May Fourth Movement and keeping in mind the mission of the young; pursuing the careers of youth; whetting their character for excellence and blossoming in a youthful style. The participants would enter the finals of the Youth Song Competition after the conference.



45 groups of contestants have signed up for Youth Song Competition, including not only the employees of 3TREES, but also some partners and employees' families. And the fierce competition on May 14 brought about a total of 15 groups of contestants passing through to the finals to be held on May 16.



Finally came the climax, the peak at the finals, when the contestants once again sang loudly the strongest notes of 3TREES, where fifteen groups of singers showed unique styles and different tones when some were giving very magnetic baritone singing, some simple and warm and fresh melodies, others a combination of national rhythm and fashionable elements...

Some touching and beautiful songs gave expression to the passion and dream of the 3TREES people and moved the audience again and again when the audience inside and outside the auditorium cheered for the contestants through the WeChat interactive wall, and the humorous comments of the judges triggered happy laughter from the audience.



The two and a half hours of fierce competition gave rise to Fan Longzhang, who came from Engineering Paints Department, as the winner of the First Prize by impressing the audience with a song "It Doesn't Matter" , and Liu Guojian of the Key Customers Center and Xu Shuai of Waterproofing Department won the Second Prize, Lian Jie of Paint Decorating Department, Shu Lixiang, a family member of Engineering Paints Department’s employee and Weng Huashan of 3TREES University took the Third Prize, Shi Nengbo of Putian Factory’s Planning Department, Chen Qiufang and Li Yi of Human Resources Department and Xiang Ling of Engineering Paints Department scooped the Excellence Award, and Huang Shaochuan of Water-based Technologies Department got the Most Popular Singer Award.



The 9th 3TREES Youth Song Competition was a success with applause and cheers, while 3TREES people shall bear in mind their original aspirations, continue to write their main theme of efforts and endeavors, inherit the spirit of the centennial May Fourth Movement, and sing their dreams of 100 billion with their youth.