3TREES commended at the Alxa SEE Tenth Anniversary Outstanding Contribution Award
2018.11.21       Category: News

The 10th anniversary of public welfare night of Alxa SEE Foundation was held in Zhengzhou, Henan Province with the theme of "Holding on to your dreams" on November 17, 2018, when more than 300 entrepreneur leaders, NGO representatives and the media gathered to witness the tenth years of public welfare and environmental protection of Alxa SEE Foundation, thanked the donors who have always supported China's environmental protection and public welfare undertakings, paid tribute to the workers who worked hard in the front line of environmental protection and public welfare undertakings, and looked forward to the future of China's environmental protection and public welfare undertakings.


3TREES were commended with the Outstanding Contribution Award, and Chairman Hong Jie (center) took the stage to receive the award


The ten years' adherence of Alxa SEE is also a witness to 3TREES's public welfare undertakings as 3TREES joined the Alxa SEE Foundation in 2016. Since then, 3TREES Foundation has donated RMB5 million each year to help the public welfare of tree planting, and has promised to donate a total of RMB50 million for Saxaul Forest in Alxa. As it turned out, 3TREES actively participated in the public welfare event of "Donating Love Doubling Card Together" on SEE 99 Public Welfare Day in Alxa for three consecutive year from 2016 to 2018, calling on its employees, clients and partners to jointly support the public welfare and support "100 Million Saxaul Trees", which led to donations totaling more than RMB500,000.



3TREES supported Alxa SEE with practical actions, which was highly recognized by all sectors of society and Alxa SEE. And on the night of the public welfare event, in recognition of the outstanding contributions made by 3TREES in public welfare actions, Alxa SEE presented 3TREES with the Outstanding Contribution Award and Caring Ambassador Award, and presented Mr. Hong Jie, Chairman of 3TREES, with the Golden Harvest Award and Golden Bee Award for his support for Alxa SEE's public welfare and his leadership in public welfare undertakings.


Outstanding Contribution Award: In recognition of caring enterprises and individuals who donated more than RMB5 million to Alxa SEE Foundation Bank


Love Ambassador Award: In recognition of caring enterprises and individuals who promoted more than RMB500,000 donations in the charity event "Donating Love Doubling Cards Together" on the 99 Public Welfare Day from 2016 to 2018

The road of public welfare is long and winding, and it requires persistent joint efforts to guard the clear water and blue sky so 3TREES shall continue its commitment to public welfare, gather more love and strength with expectation of a more beautiful earth and a better world.