National "Green Factory" 3TREES Wins the State’s "Green Design Products" Certification Again
2018.11.14       Category: News

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China (MIIT) announced the third batch of manufacturers on the green manufacturing list on October 29, when the 14 products such as Fresh Breath Odorless Wall Paint produced by 3TREES were identified as "Green Design Products". Previously, 3TREES had been awarded one of the second batch of green factories by MIIT which was far ahead in the industry.

It is reported that the rating of green manufacturing demonstration units is aimed at implementing "Made in China 2025", continuously building advanced models of green manufacturing, leading the green transformation of related industries, and accelerating the construction of a green manufacturing system. At this round of review, enterprises need to go through self-assessment, evaluation by third-party institutions, recommendation by provincial industrial and information departments, expert demonstration, review and publicity before finally been commended as demonstration enterprises nationwide in the aspects of green factories, green design products, green zones and green supply chain management.

At this round of selection for green design products, there were 14 products of 3TREES on the list, all of which met the standards of Technical Specification for Evaluating Green Design Products for Waterborne Architectural Coatings (T/CPCIF 0001-2017), of which the biggest highlight of this round for "green design products" selection was about evaluating the impact of each stage of the product’s life cycle, and requiring continuous improvement in green manufacturing. For example, for resource utilization, it was not allowed to use materials that had been explicitly eliminated or prohibited by the state and industry for coating production, and the water reuse rate was required to be ≥ 80% in the production; in terms of environment-friendly attributes, it was required that the COD discharge of waste water should be less than 60 mg/L or the local standards; in terms of energy consumption, the comprehensive energy consumption of products was required to be ≤ 10kgce/t; in the aspect of healthiness, it was required that the release of formaldehyde be less than 0.1 mg/m³, the content of soluble heavy metals less than 10mg/kg and hexavalent chromium less than 2.0 mg/kg, etc.

Previously, 14 wall paints of 3TREES had passed the UL GREENGUARD Gold certification in the United States and the highest safety standard A+ certification of volatile organic compounds (VOC) in France; four products of water-based wood paint had also obtained Blue Angel environmental protection certification issued by German Blue Angel, and 3TREES is the first enterprise in the coating industry to be issued China’s national standard certification of "Green Product Evaluation: Coatings".

3TREES has always adhered to the brand concept of "healthy, green and natural", and run the concept of green production through each link of R&D and production. And 3TREES was awarded one of the second batch of green factories by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in February this year, and the renaming of green design products showed that 3TREES has strength and advantages in the research and development of high-quality environment-friendly products, and it was also the greatest recognition of 3TREES's commitment to creating healthy and environment-friendly products.