Beautiful Countryside | Products Launch - Villa Exquisite Paints Series
2018.05.13       Category: News

The national rural revitalization strategy drives up the market capacity of rural architectural decoration worth nearly 20 billion yuan. Similarly, with the rapid development of urbanization, the per capita consumption is constantly on the up as people are increasingly going after higher quality products, and consumption upgrading has become a trend.


Thus their demand for high-grade decoration is also increasing, and coatings have evolved from thin ones to thick ones, and the desired effect has been upgraded from simple to complex and diverse; in response to the needs of different classes of consumers, 3TREES’s Beautiful Countryside Department has introduced a series of new products, such as holey stone and sandstone, featuring villa exquisite decorating products of high life-likeness and high cost-effectiveness.


Metalworking Stone (Holey Stone) Package

Holey stone is named after the holes on the surface. Its scientific name is tuffaceous stone or travertine, which is classified as marble in business terms and has been in use for a long time. The most representative work of Roman culture, namely, the arena, is a masterpiece of holey stone.

The holey stone, which is mostly mild beige, rich in texture and clear in stripes, brings strong cultural and historical charm to buildings and is used on many buildings in the world.

A historical representative building of holey stone - Roman Aren

As the natural holey stone is mainly composed of carbonate, it is easy to be weathered in such conditions as wind, sunshine and acid rain, so its weather resistance is not ideal. Moreover, due to such natural structures as cracks and holes, its performance is not uniform so it is easy to break. Also such deficiencies exist as low density and high water absorption.

TZ6408 Metalworking Stone (Holey Stone)

The product stands out for its ingenuity as it presents the realistic effect of natural holey stone and rids the holey stone of such deficiencies as acid nonresistance and low strength, while addressing the potential hazard found in the natural holey stone, i.e. easiness to break and fall.

At the same time, it boasts delicate hand feel with stony iciness; its natural texture perpetuates the classic charm found on such an ancient building material and retains the contemporary sense of fashion on the holey stone, making it the most ideal choice for high-grade villa decoration.

Product Name: Metalworking Stone (Holey Stone) Package

Inventory code: TZ6408

Weight: 43KG/ set

Main colors: 805, 806

Construction area: about 10㎡

Selling points

1. With a resemblance of over 95%, the product offers the effects of natural holey stone

★ Ultra-fine base giving rise to a delicate and smooth feel;

★ The icy feel of the stone surface as well as the natural texture;

2. Excellent durability, with a life of over 15 years

★ High stain-resistant weather-resistant finish to ensure the weather resistance and stain resistance of the coating film;

★ Stable quality for more than 15 years without blistering, peeling, cracking, chalking and fading;

★ Compared with stone, the coating is flexible and tough and can cover up small cracks in the wall;


3. The product is easily applied and accommodates special shapes

★ It is mainly made of high-quality ingredients, and is easy to level;

★ Polishing is convenient and the effect is quick;

4. Low self-load, low cost, green and environmental friendliness;

★ Lighter and safer than dry hanging stone;

★ The overall cost is 200% lower than that of stone;

Effect on display

Metalworking Stone (Sandstone) Package


Sandstone is a kind of sedimentary rock formed by sedimentation of stone particles on riverbed by water erosion and consolidation after thousands of years' accumulation and later as a result of the earth's crust movement.

Sandstone is a stone most widely used, and its noble and elegant temperament, natural and environment-friendly characteristics have given rise to great miracles in architectural history. For example, the Louvre, the British Imperial Palace, the U.S. Capitol, Harvard University, and Notre Dame de Paris decorated with sandstone hundreds of years ago are still oozing their charm as classics.

A building of historical representation – the Louvre


As natural sandstone is mainly composed of silicon, calcium and clay, it is soft and prone to the elements, and not much weather resistant. And it is easy to break, and some such defects as low density and high water absorption do exist.

TZ6212 Metalworking Stone (Sandstone)

The art paints for inner walls are of wonderful workmanship characterizing not only the realistic effect of natural sandstone but also freedom from the latter’s low strength, and are without the potential hazards of easy fracture and falling of the latter.

In addition, the surface feels delicate like that of natural sandstone; and the natural texture perpetuates the classic charm of the ancient building material with fashionable and diverse effects, which makes it the most ideal choice for decoration of the interior walls of high-grade villas.


Product Name: Metalworking Stone (Sandstone) for Interior Wall Art Paints Package

Stock Code: TZ6212

Weight: 38KG/ set

Main colors: 808, 809, 810, 811

Application area: about 10m2

Selling points

1. High simulation, substitution for natural sandstone

★ Natural quartz sand used as the raw material ensuring realistic effect;

★ The surface feeling delicate like that of natural sandstone;


2. A service life of more than 15 years

★ Stable quality for more than 15 years without blistering, peeling, cracking, chalking and fading;

★ Elastic painted film able to cover up small cracks in the wall;

3. Simple and fast application

★ Convenience and efficiency for use as modeling can be done directly with tools;

4. Low self-load, low cost, green and environment-friendliness

★ Lighter and safer than dry hanging stone;

★ The overall cost is 200% lower than that of stone;

★ Freedom from formaldehyde, ultra-low content of VOCs, healthiness and environmental friendliness;


Effects on display