50 Kilometers Covered in 12 Hours as 3TREES Joins Hands with Dow on Public Welfare
2018.05.12       Category: News

"If I succeed in challenging 50 km of hiking, would you like to donate money for children in poorer mountainous areas each for an egg each day?"

A 3TREES team and members of Dow, a famous American enterprise, participated in the charity event of "E.G.G. Walkathon" on May 12, covering 50 kilometers in 12 hours and raising 46,113.88 yuan for children in poorer mountainous areas.


"E.G.G. Walkathon" is a public welfare hiking and fund-raising campaign initiated by Shanghai United Foundation in 2011, aiming at raising funds for a number of non-governmental public welfare projects in the field of children.

Participants need to walk 50 kilometers in 12 hours to collect donations from acquaintance networks in a creative way to achieve or even break through the established fundraising goals at personal challenges. And the events have raised a total of 32.88 million yuan of donations in the past six years, which helped 200 children's public welfare projects of 116 non-governmental institutions, and more than 330,000 children received help.

3TREES's Shanghai Office engineering and decoration paints teams, customers, distributors and Dow formed a "3TREES and Dow Walking Together" team for the competition.

The Sun was scorching, and it rained lightly in the afternoon. And yet the changeable weather couldn't stop the determined paces of the team members, who, when reaching the finish line, found it was already dusk.

They each said: "I am very tired but very happy at heart that I was able to contribute to the public welfare and do my best to improve the lives of children in poverty-stricken areas."

Members from both parties had raised more than the original fund-raising target by 6:00 pm on May 12 for a total of 46,113.88 yuan. And fund-raising will continue until June 1, after the event.

3TREES has been enthusiastic about public welfare over the years. While developing its business, it has been shouldering social responsibilities, carrying out poverty alleviation events in environmental protection, education and culture to contribute to the harmonious development of society.