3TREES Holds New Year Party to Embark on the Journey of Greenery and Songs
2018.02.10       Category: News

The Chicken leaves the old year behind with bamboo leaves while the Dog comes with plum blossom to usher in the new year when 3TREES New Year Party 2018 was staged at the Putian Sports Center Complex on the evening of February 3. The performances were very exciting as pictures and videos from the party were on fresh release. So let's take a look.

3TREES New Year Party 2018

Welcome the New Year of Prosperity with Soaring Songs

Report to the world about the extraordinary journey

Where footprints shall conquer peaks

The steep pinnacles and deep valleys shall justify the struggle

Hardships and glory full

And we shall report to the world


Singing and dancing "Joys from Green & Intelligent Making"

3TREES committed to green & intelligent manufacturing

Seven advanced intelligent & green production bases

Adherence to green & intelligent making

Green architectural solutions empowering buildings

A short play "Honesty and Credibility for a Bright Future"

Take the road of faith and credibility in 3TREES's name

Let healthy products go global

And let fake goods have nowhere to hide

Chorus "Lift up Your Sleeves and Work Hard"

Roll up your sleeves and work hard

Yesterday we wrote heroic words

One peak after another was conquered and covered

One monument after another rises high

Tomorrow is still for pride

3TREES, roll up your sleeves and work hard!


Dancing in Green Lights

I am with you to build a healthy home for us

Dancing in green lights to sketch the shape of home


For the pursuit of green & healthy technology of 3TREES

As she brings benefit to thousands of families


A short play "Renovation"

3TREES Dedicated Home Service

3TREES Immediate Move-in

Dedication to ultimate services

Far more than satisfaction

3TREES of Intoxicating Beauty

We shall not stop even until after all the lights go out

In poetry we express our ambitions, and in songs emotions

Some say that the song "Chengdu" voices countless hearts

Warmth can also light up all 3TREES people

With green ecological parks, and happy life

Speak the natural way

With the right expression

All show up the charms of 3TREES.


Talk amid chorus "Towards a New Era"

To create the era of 3TREES

Stick to our original aspirations

Still holding to them

Green innovation

For win-win sharing

The Prime of Time

Legend: "Just feel pain and warmth while in the prime of time"

Green clothes so cool, epitomizing ideals, passion, experience, and baptism

In the changing times,

3TREES people

Concentrate their hearts for a beautiful golden age


A short play "A Day at a Specialty Store"

A 3TREES specialty store

Beautiful, professional and prolific with products

Pick what you need at your service


Dancing 3TREES

Surprises so many to lead 3TREES dancing

The performance is rich in 3TREES elements

A dance integrating popular music

To send the whole house excitement

Cheers, shouts and screams are "roaring"


Rap "New Looks on New Journey"

My bamboo boards are resounding through the clouds

Eulogizing the craftsmanship, forging forward for the dreams in the new era

3TREES on a new journey

I rap and talk about something new

Situational song and dance "SEN tours the world"

3TREES on green trips to the world

SEN starts from China

Walking through Egypt, and Ethiopia

Passing through India, and England

3TREES are going to the world

Crosstalk "Praises"

Legend: The executives are all top-notch. Let’s give them praises

Breaking bureaucracy for service-orientation

Their busy figures

Are the lights on our journey

Bright and firm


Serial Songs

"Slow in the Past", for every day sincerity and honesty

"Love You Endlessly", confessing to tomorrow loudly

"We Are Different", but we still persist

"My Good Brother", let's move on tomorrow!

Singing and dancing "Piloting a New Era"

A New era, a new journey

2018 witnesses our oath

Supporting the earth and greening the world

We are setting sail!


The wonderful moments of the party have been presented to you. And would you have the urge to attend? But I’m sorry we can only see you next year. And I believe 3TREES shall be more brilliant tomorrow. So please look forward to them!