3TREES Paint Listed in ‘2020 China Top 500 Companies for Patents’ Intellectual Property Rankings
2021.02.01       Category: News

A leading company in the Chinese coatings industry, SKSHU Paint Co., Ltd. (“3TREES”) was recently listed in the 2020 China Top 500 Companies for Patents, a ranking released by the Guangdong Enterprise Brand Promotion Association and Huafa Qixianqin Intellectual Property Economic Research Center.


Based on data from the Huafa Qixianqin Patent Evaluation System, the ranking evaluates firms in five areas: average patent value, total number of valid invention patents and new utility patents, number of inventors, number of international patent applications, and patent application duration. The top 500 list is determined by weighing companies’ patent capabilities in terms of these five indicators.


As an intangible asset, patents not only have great commercial value for enterprises, but are also important for competitiveness. Technology changes the world and innovation drives the future. 3TREES empowers development through continuous R&D and innovation, and at the same time commercializes its patented technologies to promote sustainable, high-quality development. It currently has more than 1,000 scientists and technicians in 30 technological innovation teams. And professor Jean-Marie Lehn, Nobel Prize laureate in Chemistry, is the chief technical adviser. 3TREES has also undertaken a number of important cutting-edge scientific research projects such as the national hi-tech development plan (863 Plan) and provincial and municipal science and technology programs, and has cooperated with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Tsinghua University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Xiamen University, and other research institutes, creating multiple industry-leading scientific research results.


3TREES appointed Professor Jean-Marie Lehn as the Chief Technology Adviser


3TREES has built a complete science and technology research infrastructure, including a 6000-square-meter R&D center at its headquarters with a nationally-recognized corporate technology center, a post-doctoral scientific research station, an academician and expert workshop, and a CNAS-certified laboratory. It is equipped with more than 100 pieces of high-end scientific research equipment, and the 3TREES (Shanghai) Research Institute is under construction. 3TREES has participated in the formulation of 50 national and industrial standards and now owns more than 300 patents. It has also developed more than 30 first-class confidential formulas, and published 37 papers in key technical journals.



Innovation is an important way for companies to conquer the market, and patent protection is the “moat” for brand building. The 2020 China Top 500 Companies for Patents aims to set a benchmark for innovation and guide Chinese companies to enhance their intellectual property protection awareness and ability. Through unremitting innovation and creation, 3TREES has made technological innovation the core competitiveness of its sustainable development. In the future, 3TREES will keep its cultural confidence, adhere to its strategy, see the big picture, seize opportunities, innovate, grow, and create more and better products and services, making homes healthier, cities more beautiful, and life better.