Technology Creates Beautiful Life丨3TREES SEN Sci-Tech Innovation Board Captures the Spotlight in 2020 Guangzhou Design Week
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From December 3 to 6, the 15th Guangzhou Design Week was successfully held in Guangzhou. With the theme of "Happy PLAY", the design week focused on home design and material selection. The SEN Sci-Tech Innovation Board, another major product launched by 3TREES Group, made its debut. With two successful designer events on the theme of "Technology Creates Beautiful Life", the SEN series captured the spotlight of the design week. During the four-day exhibition, the 3TREES pavilion became a popular visiting site for designers, media and guests.


The Stunning Debut of the SEN Series

The SEN Sci-Tech Innovation Board is a new high-end healthy decorative material launched by SKSHU Paint Co., Ltd. It was officially put into production in 2019 after 5 years of research and preparation. Having inherited the green DNA of 3TREES, combined with advanced intelligent coating technologies, it provides consumers with high-quality products with no aldehyde additive, natural clean smell and aesthetic surface.



The SEN pavilion was designed by Studio HBA, a subsidiary of the world-renowned design consultant HBA, with an area of 279.5 square meters. The overall design is based on the theme of "Technology Creates Beautiful Life", and the use of SEN Sci-Tech Innovation Board creates a perspective space with a strong sense of science and technology. Walking into the pavilion is like "wandering in the forest following the path of time". The open layout, complete functional zones and properly-arranged and convenient routes have enabled an eye-catching effect of the pavilion.


Big Shots Join the Party

When Design Meets Technology · A Conversation of Three

In the afternoon of December 3, a special event "When Design Meets Technology  A Conversation of Three" was held in the pavilion.



▲When Design Meets Technology · A Conversation of Three

Shi Lianjun, General Manager of New Materials Division of 3TREES Home (second from left), Li Ying, Managing Partner of HBA (first from left), and Zhao Hu, publisher of Interior Design China (third from left), had a free chat on the topic of balance between technology, life and art.


▲Shi Lianjun, General Manager of New Materials Division of 3TREES Home

Shi Lianjun said that the SEN Sci-Tech Innovation Board will always put customers front and center, create greater values with innovative technologies, and continue to promote the green and eco-friendly development of the home building materials industry.


▲HBA Managing Partner Li Ying

Li Ying shared his insights as the designer of the pavilion and talked about his experience with the SEN Sci-Tech Innovation Board in two dimensions: design effect and high-tech effect.


▲Zhao Hu, publisher of Interior Design China

According to Zhao Hu, the launch of the SEN Sci-Tech Innovation Board has fully proved 3TREES's sense of responsibility as a major national brand. It has served the material needs of the "information age" and ushered in a new era of technology aesthetics, which will play a demonstration and leading role in the industry.

Design Creates Beautiful Life - Designer Salon

In the afternoon of December 4, a salon sharing session on the theme of "Design Creates Better Life" was held in the 3TREES pavilion. Many visitors went past the pavilion and stopped to listen. Three senior designers, Zhou You, Founder & CEO of Update Studio, Han Xue, Founder & Design Director of Hope Design, and Wu Zhenbao, Founder & Creative Director of ANSWER Design, had an inspiring dialogue at the pavilion.


The event was live-streamed online, allowing more viewers to share the designers' ideas and voices.


▲Zhou You, Founder & CEO of Update Studio

Zhou You believed that designers should be familiar with materials and processes in order to turn innovation into reality. The emergence of new technologies and materials is filling the gap of traditional building materials, and offering more possibilities for the design and low-level maintenance of architectural structure.


▲Han Xue, Founder & Design Director of Hope Design

Han Xue shared his view that a good space design should be aligned with the characteristics of the product. It must be able to navigate through different relationships like water to find the ultimate "balance" and "comfort". This is his understanding of the slogan "Design Creates Beautiful Life". It is also the embodiment of the 3TREES spirit of "Imitation of Nature".


 ▲Wu Zhenbao, Founder and Creative Director of ANSWER Design

According to Wu Zhenbao, the future ecosystem of home decoration is green, natural and healthy, and the innovation and disruptive transformation of the industry is aimed at re-imagining future life and reconsidering sustainable development.

Medals of Honor

During the 2020 Guangzhou Design Week, several important awards were presented. 3TREES SEN High-Tech Innovation Board stood out among the contestants with its intelligent and innovative technologies and won three major awards, i.e. the "Kapok Design Awards China - Product Design Winner 2020", the“Gold Service Providers TOP 100" and the "Recommended Brand of 2020 Guangzhou Design Week". 3TREES's high-quality products and services have won the hearts and minds of consumers, and established a good reputation and image for the company.




3TREES SEN High-Tech Innovation Board

A successful "debut" at Guangzhou Design Week! 

Looking forward to seeing you again!


3TREES SEN High-Tech Innovation Board

Technology Creates Beautiful Life