3TREES Awarded the Title of "Model Private Enterprise in Combating the COVID-19 Pandemic" by All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce
2020.12.28       Category: News

On December 21, the fourth meeting of the 12th Executive Committee of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce (ACFIC) was held in Nanning, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. At the meeting, the ACFIC commended 1,000 "Model Private Enterprise in Combating the COVID-19 Pandemic", and 3TREES was among the award winners. Hong Jie, Standing Committee Member of the ACFIC Executive Committee, Chairman and President of 3TREES, attended the meeting and accepted the award on the podium.


The COVID-19 pandemic is the fastest spreading, most extensive, and most challenging public health emergency in the history of the People’s Republic of China. After the pandemic broke out, 3TREES took up its responsibility and duty as a major national brand, took swift actions to respond to the situation, and set up a command center for pandemic response. Chairman Hong Jie headed the response team and personally led the response efforts.


【COVID-19 Response at 3TREES】

Opening green channel for fund donation

To support the fight against the pandemic, 3TREES initiated the emergency decision-making process in no time and immediately donated funds to the Fujian Province Guangcai Promotion Association, the Finance Bureau of Nanzhao County, Henan Province, and the Dongmafang Community of Yingcheng City, Xiaogan, Hubei Province. During the pandemic, 3TREES made over 18 million yuan of donations both in cash and in kind.


Procurement and donation of epidemic prevention materials

Caring for the well-being of employees, families and partners who were working from home in areas affected by the pandemic, 3TREES mobilized resources from both home and abroad to procure badly needed epidemic prevention materials and equipment from around the world, including disposable masks, gloves, 75% medical alcohol and disinfection supplies, and distributed them in batches by mail.


Healthy paints spread love

3TREES donated health paints to the epidemic prevention hospitals, such as the Wuhan Leishenshan Hospital in Hubei, Beijing Xiaotangshan Hospital, Yinchuan No.4 People's Hospital in Ningxia, and Yongwu Hospital of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region People's Hospital, to support the construction of the hospitals and deliver a message of love.



Full mobilization to fight the pandemic together

Through the 3TREES Charitable Foundation, all the charity donations made by the employees were used to purchase epidemic prevention materials and donated to two epidemic prevention hospitals, i.e. the Affiliated Hospital of Putian College in Fujian and the No.1 Hospital of Putian City, to alleviate the shortage of medical materials.


Orderly resumption of production with strengthened control protocols

3TREES established the epidemic prevention and control mechanism, which included measures such as staggered working hours, daily temperature measurement and daily disinfection in the park, to ensure precision, science-based and appropriate containment arrangements.


Business growth empowered by the pandemic

During the pandemic, 3TREES hosted a series of meetings and training sessions, featuring in-depth reflection, learning and discussion aimed at empowering partners and helping employees grow to drive future development.


No layoffs, no pay cuts, more job opportunities, and more new recruits

In the face of the pandemic, 3TREES actively responded to the national policy of stabilizing employment by not laying off employees or cutting salaries, but raising the provident fund base, increasing salaries and recruiting more employees, making important contributions to the work of maintaining stability in six key areas and ensuring protection in six priorities and to the promotion of economic and social development. The pandemic fully showcased 3TREES’s compassion as a major national brand. 


The pandemic is ruthless, but 3TREES has love in its heart. As a leading national brand of high-end coatings, 3TREES has carried forward the spirit of "respecting nature and caring for compatriots, and being full of vigor and vitality", and actively fulfilled its social responsibility in this special year of 2020. In this smokeless battle against the pandemic, 3TREES has taken concrete actions to unite enterprises, partners, employees and all other stakeholders to join the fight against the pandemic and promote the spirit of greater love. Love and hope spread faster than the virus. By pulling the efforts of all, 3TREES will continue to provide healthier products and services to create a healthy and better life for humanity.