3TREES and Aupup Collaborate to Build Green Carbon System for Home Furnishing and Support Green Development of the Country
2021.11.30       Category: Media

(Source: Xinhua)

On November 25, Aupup and 3TREES Group signed a strategic agreement on cooperation in promoting the whole product system, creating an aldehyde-free ecological space and upgrading high-frequency intelligent painting technology, jointly fostering a green carbon system for home furnishing and supporting the country's green and low-carbon development.


Signing ceremony of the 3TREES-Aupup strategic cooperation agreement

It is learned that with the conclusion of the strategic cooperation agreement, Aupup will promote 3TREES products in all categories at the strategic level, including coatings, waterproofing, insulation, flooring, base and auxiliary materials, and the SEN Sci-Tech Decorative Board, and deepen cooperation with 3TREES through category expansion. Among them, through a series of strict tests such as repeated technical verification, sample tests and factory audits, the performances of the SEN Sci-Tech Decorative Board in environmental features, standardization and color fastness have all surpassed Aupup's expectations and provided solutions to many pain points in the home furnishing industry.


As a heavyweight brand of the 3TREES Group in the home furnishing materials industry, the SEN Sci-Tech Decorative Board has carried the "healthy, natural and green" genes of the 3TREES brand and realized paint-free production of wood finishing products by fixing the problems associated with traditional wood finishing products such as resource limitation, color difference and discoloration. It has significantly reduced customers' quality cost, labor cost, equipment investment, operation cost and environmental management cost, put the resources to best use, promoted the green and circular development of the industry and contributed to the realization of carbon neutrality.


"3TREES closely follows the direction of the national policy, pursues the path of green and innovative development, and stands committed to creating high-tech green products and delivering a healthy life for the people. We will continue to harness the power of technology to reshape the industry pattern and make life different for our users," said Hong Jie, Chairman and President of 3TREES. Through collaborative innovation, our healthy and eco-friendly products like the SEN Sci-Tech Decorative Board will be able to enter and serve tens of thousands of households, and realize the vision of making homes healthier, cities more beautiful, and life better.


Inauguration ceremony of 3TREES & Aupup woodworking joint laboratory


On the same day, the 3TREES & Aupup woodworking joint laboratory was officially established. The lab will combine 3TREES's strong R&D capability and Aupup's resource advantages to provide practical solutions for the application of high-frequency intelligent coating technology in the field of solid wood laminate flooring, and optimize and upgrade the application of special adhesives for aldehyde-free added boards, so as to improve the adaptability of bedroom refined decoration products and provide people with intelligent, green and environmentally friendly home products.