3TREES Draws Strength from Winter Olympics to Promote Brand Upgrading and Build Healthy China
2021.12.06       Category: Media

(Source: Xinhua)


As the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics draws close, the development of ice and snow sports in China has entered the fast lane, and the strong atmosphere of the Winter Olympics has also generated much public fanfare about ice and snow sports. Experience the splendor of ice and snow In the Harbin Ice and Snow World and enjoy the fun of skiing at the Chongli Taiwu Ski Resort in Zhangjiakou ...... With the arrival of the ice and snow season, ski resorts start to receive visitors, and new ice and snow tourist attractions are being opened around the country, attracting tourists to participate in the sports and experience the joy of snow and ice.

In recent years, with the strong promotion of the government, ice and snow sports has demonstrated unprecedented vitality and potential in different parts of the country. During the 2020-2021 snow season, for example, on the condition of rigorous epidemic prevention and control, more than 1,200 mass ice and snow events have been organized in a total of 184 prefectures in 31 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities, directly involving or indirectly benefiting nearly 100 million people. As more and more people, especially young people, participate in ice and snow sports, it will undoubtedly provide an inexhaustible drive for the promotion and popularization of snow sports.

With the belief of "Moment of China, Excellence Together", 3TREES has been promoting the Beijing 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games through its healthy products and touching services. Meanwhile, responding to the call for a green Olympics, 3TREES has leveraged its 6 in 1 one-stop system of green construction materials to participate in the construction of Beijing Winter Olympic projects.


Supporting the construction of Winter Olympic venues and facilities

3TREES has played an active part in the construction of Winter Olympic venues and facilities.

The National Ski Jumping Center "Snow Ruyi" is located in Zhangjiakou, Hebei Province. It is the first ski jumping venue in China and one of the main competition venues for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics. The main construction is inspired by the traditional Chinese ornament Ruyi, hence the name Snow Ruyi.

3TREES is committed to promoting green, innovative and sustainable development and providing an integrated 6-in-1 one-stop system of green construction materials and services, encompassing interior and exterior wall coatings, waterproofing products, insulation materials, auxiliary materials, floor coatings and construction.

In the construction of the "Snow Ruyi" venue, 3TREES set up a special technical team for the Winter Olympics project, which provided an odorless series of interior coating solutions tailor-made for the venue after several rounds of field surveys. The high-quality products and services, which are fully capable of meeting the low-temperature, green and environment-friendly requirements for the venues of the Winter Olympics, protect the health of the athletes and create the necessary conditions for a perfect competition.

The Winter Olympic Village in Zhangjiakou will welcome visitors from all over the world during the 2022 Winter Olympics, and provide the main residence for athletes, coaches and delegation members from various countries and regions. 3TREES is also involved in the construction of the project, which is now fully completed.

To date, 3TREES has developed more than 8,000 products including the "Health+" series featuring several innovations higher than the national green product standards and the European and American environmental standards, and the odorless interior wall paint series such as "'FDA food contact grade' wall paint", "Fresh Breath Air Purification Paint", "360 Anti-bacterial & Anti-viral Paint", making the contribution of Chinese paint brands to a green Olympics.

In addition to the above, 3TREES has also participated in the construction of other projects of the Beijing Winter Olympics. Having provided green products and construction guidance for more than 10 Olympic projects, such as the "Beijing-Zhangjiakou special rail line, the service area of the Yanqing-Chongli Expressway, the Olympic Village and Guyangshu venue complex in the Zhangjiakou area, and the reception center for non-registered VIPs", 3TREES has contributed its share to a wonderful Winter Olympics.


Signing celebrity endorsement agreements for a brand upgrade

On August 6, 2020, 3TREES officially launched its marketing campaign for the Winter Olympics. At the beginning of 2021, 3TREES announced Wu Dajing and Gu Ailing as its brand spokespersons. As the leader of Chinese short track speed skating, Wu Dajing broke the world record twice at the PyeongChang Winter Olympics, winning the first gold medal for Chinese men's short track speed skating and creating the "Chinese speed" that amazed the world. Gu Ailing is a "talented girl" in the skiing world. Though only 18 years of age, she has already won more than 50 medals in various skiing competitions in the world.

On June 10, 3TREES held a press conference on the fifth anniversary of its IPO and the signing of endorsement agreement with the Chinese national short track speed skating team at its headquarters, and officially announced its partnership with the Chinese national short track speed skating team. The short track speed skating team has produced many talented players, winning gold and silver medals in international competitions, which makes it China's "dream team" in the Winter Olympics. Under the cooperation agreement, the two sides will jointly explore marketing resources based on the advantages of the Chinese national short track speed skating team: the tradition of winning gold medals, teamwork and competitiveness and legendary stories on the race field, which make it one of the most popular teams in the world. These unique features of the Chinese national team offer limitless inspirations for 3TREES to cultivate cross-over products that have a good story to tell, create marketing headlines based on popular topics of the games, activate and empower partners, and develop Winter Olympics experience activities tailored to the needs of its customers.

From the world-class sports games, to the star athletes, and to the gold medal team, 3TREES has gathered all the available marketing resources of the Winter Olympics. It is our hope that with its "Grand Slam" in resources, 3TREES can stage a classic sports marketing campaign on behalf of Chinese brands during the Winter Olympics.

Contributing to the building of a healthy China and the "double carbon" strategy

3TREES is also making active contributions to the building of a healthy China and the "double carbon" strategy.

To welcome the Winter Olympics, 3TREES has launched a special package of commemorative golden bucket products, i.e. triumph bucket - fresh breath odorless all-in-one wall paint (German Blue Angel certified version), victory bucket - fresh breath odorless all-in-one wall paint, and motivation bucket - 360 anti-formaldehyde wall paint. Among them, fresh breath odorless all-in-one wall paint (German Blue Angel certified version) is the first high-quality interior wall emulsion paint to pass the new German Blue Angel environmental protection standard in China. Based on the Fresh Breath Pure Formula, the product sets strict limits on the content of volatile organic compounds (VOC), semi-volatile organic compounds (SVOC) and environmentally hazardous preservatives. All the above products are compliant with the more stringent health+ water-based paint standards. Together, they help create a healthier and more eco-friendly home environment and ensure a better life for the people.

3TREES is partnering with Gu Ailing in recognition of her love for ice and snow sports, passion for a better life, and commitment to excellence, which is in line with the company’s business philosophy. It also coincides with 3TREES's vision of promoting ice and snow sports and building a healthy and beautiful China. Since its establishment, 3TREES has dedicated itself to the mission of "making home healthier, cities more beautiful, and life better". Building on the platform provided by its state-certified corporate technology center and its strong capability in scientific research, 3TREES has launched a full range of odorless products, established the 6 in 1 one-stop system of green construction materials and provided solutions for the pursuit of a better life. Through the twin drives of healthy products and heart-touching services, 3TREES is leading the third revolution of wall decoration, from healthy life and beautiful life to better life, so that people could explore the wonders of life.

By cooperating with the Chinese national short track speed skating team, 3TREES aims to contribute its part to the development of China's big health industry. As known to all, sports are an important part of the strategy to promote a healthy China. Short track speed skating won the "most watched sport" and "most watched Chinese team" in the "Winter Olympics Communication Power Chart" published by China Sports News Agency and New Sports, and ten short track speed skaters entered the top 35 in the "2018 Winter Olympic Games Chinese Athletes Communication Power Chart", which shows the influence and popularity of the Chinese national short track speed skating team. 3TREES's partnership with the national team will play a visible role in making short track speed skating a mass sports for the people.

It is learned that 3TREES is also actively contributing to the "double carbon" strategy. Following the vision of "seeking green innovation and building an ever-green business", 3TREES is contributing the “power of trees” to the "double carbon" goals by fostering a low-carbon culture, advocating the low-carbon concept, developing carbon-reducing products, promoting low-carbon and clean production and building a low-carbon industrial chain.