3TREES Paint Art Exhibition Hall Wins Two Grand Awards from CBDA
2022.11.21       Category: News

Recently, the 18th CIDF International Environmental Art Innovation Design Works Competition (Huading Award) & DW Decorative Art Design Competition hosted by China Building Decoration Association (“CBDA”) drew to a successful close. With its inspirational natural color design and harmonious space aesthetics imitating heaven and earth, the 3TREES Paint Art Exhibition Hall distinguished itself from numerous entries by showcaing the ideal life paradigm of "harmony between man and nature, and Tao models itself after nature", and captured the “Most Original Institutional Design Work Award of the Year” of the Huading Award and the “Outstanding New Commercial Space iAward of the Year of the DW Competition.

Inaugurated in 2005, the CIDF International Environmental Art Innovation Design Works Competition (Huading Award) has become the most authoritative and internationalized annual design event in the fields of design material selection, fashion lifestyle building, space art design exhibition in China. It aims to establish a Chinese model of design, advocate a spirit of innovative design in an all-round way, and make the Huading Award the most authoritative international award in China’s decorative design industry.



Art draws inspiration from nature and models itself after nature

The award-winning exhibition hall is a piece of upstanding design work from 3TREES’s Spatial Image Management Department. The art exhibition area is currently being showcased at 3TREES Lishui Red Star Macalline Store, with a total floor area of 348 square meters. The whole exhibition area is built with stainless steel, art paint, transparent film, luminous ceramics and other environment-friendly art materials, thus ensuring that every material and every construction process are green and environment-friendly. 



The overall spatial design of the exhibition hall draws inspiration from Lao Tzu's philosophical understanding of "the Tao of nature", which can be summarized as “Man models himself after the Earth; the Earth models itself after Heaven; Heaven models itself after Tao; Tao models itself after Nature.” Through the flexible use of concentric circles, a flexible spatial layout and wall display effects are created, fully reflecting the beauty and characteristics of art paint. The free-flowing spatial character lays the foundation, while the simplistic geometric volume, the non-decorative facade modeling, and the instant sense of peeping through gaps generate an all-new spatial atmosphere.


With the words‘design world’ (DW) in their names, the awards of the DW Decorative Art Design Competition are designed to constantly find and select outstanding talents and enterprises in China's decorative design industry and comprehensively enhance the competitiveness of the industry. These are also the top awards in China's high-end design domain, which are eagerly dreamed of and sought after by industry specialists.





Creating spatial resonance, and exploring unlimited design imagination

Common considerations in design work include proportionality, shape, material and light, and these detailed elements are used to support the overall presentation of space. In the 3TREES Part Art Exhibition Hall, however, material takes the center stage and becomes the primary element to express and to be expressed. In contrast, space only plays a supporting role and gives way to material, thus leaving much room for imagination. In a certain sense, it also realizes interaction between people and scenarios.



The winning of the latest grand awards represents another vigorous affirmation of the outstanding spatial application effect and great brand strength of 3TREES’s art paints by the designer circles and the home and building materials industry in China. It is believed that 3TREES will continue to adhere to its art brand philosophy of "Enjoying Ultimate Lacquer Art, Bracing for A Better Life", draw on the soul of natural art to persistently pursue beautiful life, imitate nature, seek artistic, environment-friendly and harmonious home health for mankind, and make unremitting efforts to make life better and provide consumers with healthy products and services.