3TREES Received Three Major Awards on the 6th CSR China Education Chart 2022
2022.11.29       Category: News

Recently, the 2022 CSR Education Project Call for Case and the 6th CSR China Education Chart were officially released. 3TREES stood out among 100 Chinese and foreign enterprises and received the “CSR CHINA TOP100 Responsible Company of the Year” award for its contribution to the society in environmental protection and rural revitalization. At the same time, the 3TREES “100 Million Saxaul Trees” environmental protection project was awarded the CSR CHINA Beautiful China Project of the Year, and the 3TREES “Support for Rural Development” rural revitalization project was awarded the CSR CHINA Rural Revitalization Project of the Year.


The CSR China Education Chart was jointly initiated by several industry organizations in 2014 under the policy guidance of the government, with the aim of encouraging and commending outstanding CSR projects in support of the development of education in China. The CSR China Education Chart 2022 attracted the application of 192 well-known Chinese and foreign enterprises. The projects that made into the final list, 109 in total, were focused in areas such as rural education, rural development and environmental protection, in order to rally support for the country’s development strategy and promote win-win development of the business community and the society.


Since its establishment, 3TREES has followed the CSR philosophy of “Respect Nature and Care for Your Compatriots”, taken as its mission to protect the environment and build a beautiful China, committed to the goal of green development, actively responded to the call for tertiary distribution, and made active efforts to promote common wealth and act as a good corporate citizen.

In terms of environmental protection. Since 2016, 3TREES has been donating “100 million saxaul trees” every year to help restore 2 million mu of vegetation in the desert, building 800 km of green barriers for Alxa. So far, 3TREES has planted 2.55 million saxaul trees in the key ecological zones of Alxa, covering an area of 56,349 mu, and achieving about 25 million square meters of sand fixation. In 2022, 3TREES will also support the restoration and reforestation of giant panda habitat through public welfare donations, completing the afforestation of 8,000 trees with a total area of about 162 mu, to help the conservation of biodiversity and the healthy development of the ecosystem.


In the area of rural revitalization, 3TREES has responded to the call for targeted assistance made by governments at all levels, and actively participated in the “Ten Thousand Enterprises Helping Ten Thousand Villages” rural revitalization campaign under the guidance of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce and competent government departments. Pairing up with villages such as Wuyun Village, Pinghu Village and Baiyang Village, and fully leveraging its strengths in business management, talent and capital, 3TREES has set up special funds and professional management teams to carry out targeted assistance, industrial assistance, education assistance and investment assistance campaigns, which have been effective in strengthening rural infrastructure, improving the living environment of villagers and raising their income.


As a national enterprise with the spirit of patriotism and a sense of responsibility and commitment, 3TREES has integrated ESG into its corporate culture and strategic development. While building its capacity in corporate governance (G), 3TREES has acted on the concept of “Respect Nature and Care for Your Compatriots”, and made continuous efforts in the fields of environment (E) and society (S). By aligning the goals of environmental protection and low-carbon transformation, and pursuing interconnected progress in common prosperity and corporate development, 3TREES will continue to contribute its share to the cause of sustainable development in China, and demonstrate the power of a model Chinese brand.