317 3TREES Community Service Day, Acts of Compassion Make the World a Better Place

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Heaven and earth have existed for a long time because they never care for themselves. According to Lao Tzu, heaven and earth are able to exist for a long time because they function by following nature's laws and never for their own survival. Likewise, the "saints" in the world can achieve their ideals because they are always humble and selfless.

Since the day it was founded, 3TREES has cared not just about its own survival, but about how to create maximum values for the society.

While working to preserve and create a better natural and living environment for humans, companies should also pay back to the society as much as they can, and contribute to the health of the environment, the progress of the society, the sound development of the industry and the healthy life of consumers.

Supporting the earth and greening the world

“Protecting the eco-environment is everyone’s responsibility. We should all start by doing small things in our life. It is also the green responsibility of companies to protect the blue sky, green land and clear water," said Hong Jie, Chairman of SKSHU Paint Co., Ltd.

Environmental protection may seem far away from us, yet the truth is, we can all contribute. A little change in life can generate great power, just like a can of seeds can turn desert into oasis.

In 2018, 3TREES will continue to expand the reach of its tree planting initiative, and promote the “100 Million Saxaul Trees” project using the Alxa SSE Foundation, making it part of the company’s public welfare marketing campaign.

We will send teams to the Alxa region to check on the Saxaul trees there, and call on the public to participate in 3TREES’s public welfare campaigns and establish a distinctive brand of green public welfare.


Beautiful countryside, targeted poverty alleviation

The key to poverty alleviation is to solve the problem of "two runnings". One is to "keep resources running" - leveraging the natural resources, labor resources, and land resources of the poor areas to help the locals set up businesses and make flexible use of resources for tax revenues and jobs. The other one is to “keep head running” - bringing good business and cultural ideas to the poor areas.

Following the principles of “Imitation of Nature ・ Respect Nature and Care for Your Compatriots” and responding to the government’s call of targeted poverty alleviation, 3TREES adopted the model of industrial and financial poverty alleviation to encourage more people to join the cause, and launched the campaign of building beautiful countryside in poor areas.


Practicing the philosophy of green development

Responding to the government call of accelerating ecological progress, 3TREES has built a comprehensive green manufacturing system: setting up a green factory project team, developing green products, introducing a green management system, building green factories, strengthening green supervision, building a green supply chain, and advocating a green lifestyle.

Through the organization of green appraisal, the rules of environmental protection, energy conservation, water conservation, recycling, low-carbon and regeneration management have been strictly observed on the ground.

3TREESs green actions help foster a green way of development and lifestyle, and promote the construction of beautiful cities and beautiful China. It is a living example of the concept of "healthy, natural, green" development.


Honoring the social responsibilities of a good corporate citizen

To promote the concept of sharing, also known as "from the society, to the society", 3TREES has carried out various types of public welfare activities, including poverty alleviation, education, elderly care and talent training, under the 3TREES Public-Interest Foundation, Jinmiao Charitable Foundation and Xingpu Talent Development Foundation.

3TREES abides by the country's laws and regulations, pays taxes in accordance with the law and with honesty, trades in good faith, and actively fulfills its social responsibilities.

3TREES is taking concrete actions to give back to customers, partners, employees, the government and the society, and sowing the seeds of beauty, happiness and dream for the community by earnestly fulfilling its corporate responsibilities.

Acts of compassion make the world a better place. 3TREES is contributing to green public welfare with real actions. Public welfare is a long and arduous cause. When there is only one tree, one feels lonely; when there are two trees, one feels the warmth of companionship; when there are three trees, one has the support of the whole society. When everyone pitches in, the task gets less challenging and the results more fruitful.

3TREES hopes that more and more responsible and caring enterprises and individuals will join the cause of public welfare on environmental protection and enjoy a healthy life together under the Three Trees.

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