3TREES Wins the Title of “Most Preferred Supplier Brand of Top 500 Real Estate Enterprises” for the Seventh Consecutive Time

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On March 21, at the “Launch of 2018 Review Results of Top 500 Chinese Real Estate Developers & Top 500 Summit”, 3TREES won the second place in the “2018 Most Preferred Supplier Brand of Top 500 Chinese Real Estate Enterprises” with a 17% first-pick rate, making to the top 10 list in the industry for the seventh consecutive time. 3TREES also ranked among top three in the category of coating companies with an 11% first-pick rate, and its granite products won the championship in the “granite category” with a 19% first-pick rate.


Wall of Honor

Top 10 preferred coating brands of China's Top 500 Real Estate Developers 2018


Top 10 brands of preferred coating companies of China's Top 500 Real Estate Developers 2018


No.1 in the preferred products (granite category) of China's Top 500 Real Estate Developers


(Photo source: China Real Estate Association website)

The fact that 3TREES continues to add new titles to its record of honors is a powerful testament to its unrivaled expertise in the industry, and the recognition and support of China’s real estate industry for the 3TREES brand, especially its professional and service capabilities in the engineering field.

The “Oscars”

This is the ninth consecutive year of this annual appraisal, which brings together senior executives of multi-billion real estate enterprises such as Evergrande and Country Garden, as well as esteemed real estate professionals, elite designers, suppliers and service providers. Based on the survey conducted by China Real Estate Association and China Real Estate Appraisal Center, the organizer launches appraisal reports on the most preferred brands of China's top 500 real estate development enterprises, which is also known as the "Oscar" of China's real estate industry and industrial chain.

The appraisal results have provided an important benchmark for judging the overall strength and industry position of real estate developers, and the suppliers and service providers on the real estate industrial chain.



In recent years, the government has attached increasing importance to the development of ecological civilization in cities. The report to the 19th CPC National Congress proposed and established the concept of "building a sound green low-carbon, circular economic system, and fostering a green way of development and lifestyle". The establishment of this concept means that China's real estate industry will be subject to more stringent production standards, and also marks a rare historical opportunity for the development of green building industry in China.


3TREES Engineering

Introducing the Aesthetics of Green Building

3TREES, the leading brand of China's private paint companies, has always dedicated itself to the mission of "making homes healthier and cities more beautiful". Since its establishment in 2009, 3TREES Engineering, the second largest division of the company, has achieved rapid business growth and gained the trust and recognition of real estate developers with its technology-intensive and innovative green products and comprehensive and efficient ultimate services. To date, it has entered into strategic cooperation with hundreds of famous real estate enterprises.

Now, keeping pace with the times, 3TREES Engineering has initiated the concept of "Aesthetics of Green Building", which is centered around the ideas of empowering architecture, creating and enhancing the values of real estates, improving the architectural features of cities with green, low-carbon development, distinctive features and beautiful landscape, and boosting a new upgrade toward the goal of "Green Building, Beautiful China".

Future Vision: Three-All Strategy

3TREES is committed to producing green building materials, and delivering the goal of “3TREES for Healthy Homes”. To realize the vision of “supporting the earth and greening the world”, 3TREES Engineering has launched a “Three-All” strategy, i.e. all products, all channels, and all services. The company has upgraded its original business based on coating products into a one-stop system of "coating, insulation and waterproofing" products, which also includes intensive designing at the input end and wholesale construction services at the output end. The aim is to use a whole set of green products to provide all-round services for B- and C-end users.

Winning the honor is both a recognition and an encouragement.

In 2018, 3TREES Engineering will follow the guide of Aesthetics of Green Building in the new era.

We will stay true to our original aspiration and continue to forge ahead.

We will not talk the talk, but walk the walk.

We will carry forward the spirit of craftsmanship,

and work hand in hand with the top 100 real estate developers

to build more quality projects

and build more beautiful cities.

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