Passing on the Gobi Conquering Spirit, 3TREES Gobi 3 Journey a Success
2020.09.14       Category: News

The team on the Third Journey of Hsuan Tsang Leadership Camp (Gobi 3) finished the last stretch of the trek and arrived at Guangxianyi on the afternoon of September 13, wrapping up a third time the team led by Chairman Hong Jie of 3TREES took the Hsuan Tsang Road.

The 108 warriors covered 113km walking through the Gobi, during four days and three nights, with 100% of the members hitting the finishing line, marking yet another success of the team on Gobi 3 Journey.

Day 1 Ideal

The daring journey is to be conquered by the brave who were galloping through the desert at will. And it was not only about a hike through the Gobi, but also about a journey of the mind and one for self-transcendence where they were feeling the Gobi, seeking after their original aspirations, whetting their will, challenging nature, overcoming themselves and setting out for their ideals.

--- September 11, 27km on the trek from Gobi Spring to Huangguyi



Day 2 Action

The desert was vast, the Gobi boundless; the yellow sand stormy and endless as the sun was burning hot during the day and the wind biting at night. However, the looks on their faces were firm as they were clinging to the belief that they shall definitely arrive. So they crossed hills and rivers, measuring the patch of the world with their footsteps, step by step toward the goal, bit by bit, and made steady and far-reaching steps. 

--- September 12, 30km from Huangguyi to Kunlun Barrier 



Day 3 Persistence

They went all the way despite the overlapping blisters, their injured bones and muscles, and tired and painful bodies, their strength, endurance and perseverance on constant ordeals and suffering though the rescue vehicles were nearby. High morale turned to silent persistence, they helped each other while going hand in hand, challenging and breaking through the limits. 

---September 13, 32km from Kunlun Barrier to Windmill Position



Day 4 Triumph

The last moment witnessed them running hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder, to the finish line and crossing it. And what they crossed was not only the finish line, but also a brand-new self and a renewed team. At that moment, it was as if they were through all kinds of tempering in practice before being finally reborn from the fire as phoenixes. Hence greatness was made out of ordeals. The almighty are fearless, and the goer knows no boundaries. 

--- September 14th, 24km from Windmill Position to Guangxianyi





They conquered the Gobi, and themselves. "Greening the Gobi and supporting the earth", the green flags of 3TREES were lighting up the sandbars with their most beautiful figures on the Gobi. There, not only was their spirit of "Striving hard for the first place forever" whetted, but the spirit as borne out by Gobi goers of "Persistence and Transcendence for the Ideal with Action" was passed on and sublimated, when each 3TREES member was determined to be fearless after the dream of hundreds of billions, and for the value of life!

Bearing in mind the original aspirations of "Imitation of Nature • Respecting Nature and Caring for Your Compatriots", the Gobi goers planted 108 populus euphratica trees in Gobi Spring on September 11 and watered the public welfare forest; and they went to Dunhuang School for a visit to help the poor students, repainted the inner and outer walls of the campus for Lvjiabao Middle School and Zhangxian Primary School in Dunhuang, and donated sports equipment and school supplies to the students on September 14.



"Respecting Nature, caring for your compatriots, and being full of vigor and vitality", so 3TREES has been actively fulfilling its social responsibilities while striving for growth at high speed and of high quality, protecting the environment with green trees, painting life with healthy colors, and lighting up hope with loving actions.