Concerted Efforts and Endless Pursuit | 3TREES Leadership Camp (Gobi 3) Successfully Completes Wuyi Mountain Training Run
2020.08.10       Category: News

On August 7-9, 2020, the 3TREES 2020 Journey of Hsuan Tsang Leadership Camp (Gobi 3) was held in Wuyi Mountain, Fujian Province. 3TREES Chairman and President Hong Jie led nearly 30 members of the Gobi 3 team and partners to experience the picturesque landscape and challenge the lofty journey.


Wuyi Mountain has an average altitude of more than 1,000m. Famous for its Danxia landform, the mountain has the reputation of a "Danxia Mountain with Blue Water and the Best Scenery in Southeast China". This training run event lasted for 3 days and 2 nights. Five teams worked together on a challenge tour of 60km, measuring the height with their feet and sticking to their faith with energy, to prepare for the Gobi march in 2020.


Day 1: 15km

The mountain always invokes people’s awe. It is the source of strength. The first day's journey was not long. It mainly served to warm up the team members and help them to adapt to the run rhythm. The endless peaks, secluded valleys, soul-soothing Buddhism music and vibrant landscape gave unlimited force to the team members. Full of passion and a fighting spirit, all members energetically walked through the green mountains and blue waters, fast run on the misty clouds, and well enjoyed various famous scenic spots, including Amitabha Rock, Buddha Rock, Water Curtain Cave and Eagle Beak Rock. The first day ended with a resounding success!




Day 2: 25km

Individual walkers can walk fast, but group walkers can go farther. The second day had the longest journey and the most rugged and complicated path of the entire training run. It passed through Tianyou Peak, the most dangerous peak of Wuyi Mountain, and the "High Ladders", a steep slope land only for true heroes to conquer, involving a total climb of over 1,500m high. The team members had to walk on tens of thousands of stone steps built along the virtually steep cliffs. The whole slope looked like a giant dragon winding into the clouds. It was truly awe-inspiring.



Despite the long and perilous path, all team members were determined to reach the top, burning their energy along the way. Hard climbing with the use of both hands and feet constantly brought strong tiredness and pain to the team members. They had to rely on extraordinary willpower and mutual assistance to forge ahead, passing on firm strength through their linked hands in the process. This was cooperation among people of 4 generations who were born in the 1960s, 1970s,1980s and 1990s. They experienced, fought and changed together, engaged in self-dialogue and challenged the limit bit by bit!





After 9 hours of strenuous work, the challenge was successful. With their concrete actions, the team members put on a splendid rendition of what "bombing the blockhouse", "attacking fortifications" and "seizing the battlefield" meant. They were filled with a great sense of conquest. Just then, a bright rainbow rose in the sky, which came as the best "reward" for the Gobi 3 fighters!


After sunset, all team members watched the performance of Impression Da Hong Pao directed by China’s iconic director Zhang Yimou, and experienced the unique tea and folk cultures of Wuyi Mountain.


Day 3: 20km

The third day was a journey across the Jiuqu River in Wuyi Mountain. Along the banks of the river, thousands of peaks competed for beauty and numerous trees made magnificent scenery, instantly melting all the fatigue and pain of the team members into the clear breeze and green canopy. In the last leg of the training run, all members made an all-out dash at the destination. In 4 hours, the team finally reached the finish line, putting an end to the memorable challenge run amid cheers.





Throughout the training run, all team members united as one. With a pure heart, they put into practice 3TREES’s values of "Working Hard and Striving for the First Forever", and exerted their willpower and perseverance to make themselves "faster, higher and stronger" and carry forward the Olympic spirit, inherit the belief of "Deal, Action, Persistence and Transcendence", witnessing the power of walking along the way.


All greatness comes from hard work. Everything past is a prelude to the future. The 18-year-old 3TREES is bound to burst out vigorous youthful vitality, never stop its marching steps forward and resolutely walk towards the RMB10 billion goal and the RMB100 billion dream!