Futuristic Technology Is Coming! 3TREES Launches Clean Wall Anti-Formaldehyde Interior Wall Paint Onto Market!
2019.10.31       Category: News

On October 31, 2019, 3TREES Clean Wall Anti-Formaldehyde Interior Wall Paint Launch Conference was held at Wuhan Eurasia Convention International Hotel.



In 2019, 3TREES and the National Environmental Photocatalysis Engineering Technology Research Center successfully developed and launched the Clean Wall Anti-Formaldehyde Interior Wall Paint, the first truly anti-formaldehyde environmentally-friendly paint in the interior wall coating industry. Adopting visible light photocatalysis technology, the product is antibacterial and odorless and can decompose the active and harmful substances in indoor air, effectively improve the indoor air quality of buildings and rebuild a healthy and safe indoor environment. 



Recent years have seen a frequent outbreak of decoration pollution problems. For the health of themselves and their families, people often have to wait for months to move in after decorations are completed. Even after moving in, they still need to prepare a series of products such as air purifiers to help improve indoor air quality. How to solve the lingering problem of decoration pollution? 3TREES’s Clean Wall Anti-Formaldehyde Interior Wall Paint can serve as an indoor air guardian, enabling people to breathe freely and enjoy a comfortable indoor environment.


Visible light photocatalysis technology can effectively remove formaldehyde

The 3TREES product adopts visible light photocatalysis technology. When the visible light source irradiates a coating surface, the photocatalyst will absorb the energy of a specific wavelength, produce electron transitions, separate and generate electron hole pairs, and then excite oxygen and water molecules attached to the material surface to generate superactive hydroxyl radicals and negative oxygen ion radicals. 


Schematic diagram of visible light photocatalysis technology


These highly oxidizing and reducing free radicals can effectively decompose harmful organic substances in the environment, and decompose formaldehyde, toluene, xylene, NOx, VOCs and other organic pollutants into carbon dioxide and water; at the same time, active free radicals can directly or indirectly combine with bacterial cells to inhibit or kill environmental microorganisms, thus achieving the purpose of disinfection. In this process, no secondary pollution will be caused.


The props demo drawing

One time of application, long lasting effect 

Comparative test results show that 3TREES’s Clean Wall Anti-Formaldehyde Interior Wall Paint did not consume catalyst before or after application. It can achieve higher than 80% formaldehyde removal, and its aldehyde removal effect can last as long as 20 years.


Science and technology change the world, and innovation drives the future. The pioneering Clean Wall Anti-Formaldehyde Interior Wall Paint is a result of 3TREES's long devotion to innovation. 3TREES has persistently aspired to build green, healthy beautiful homes and let people enjoy clean indoor air.


As an enterprise which takes green and innovation as its corporate philosophy, 3TREES has three major R&D platforms, namely nationally-accredited enterprise technology center, postdoctoral research workstation, academicians'  and experts'  workstation, as well as CNAS national accreditation and numerous research personnel. In the future, 3TREES will pool the power of innovation, create more and better products and services for users, and strive to become the leading high-end engineering coating brand.