Learning about 3TREES’s Corporate Culture
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Corporate culture is the sum of the spiritual culture, institutional culture and material culture created by all employees in the process of enterprise management based on entrepreneurs’ original aspirations, feelings, values and cognition of human nature and natural laws. Corporate culture is the DNA of enterprise growth and the conviction of an enterprise.

When 3TREES was founded in 2002, its founder Mr. Hong Jie had the aspiration of "creating a healthy and beautiful life for people". He has systematically established a cultural system of harmony and unity between "heaven, earth and people" to well coordinate the relationships between enterprise, the ecological environment and corporate development, between enterprise and individuals, and between enterprise and society, so that the enterprise can have faith and operate permanently.

Resources will dry up one day, but only culture will continue to flourish.

I. Cultural Foundation

A perfect combination of traditional philosophy Tao Te Ching (the origin) and the big tree spirit (the totem)

Imitation of Nature

The cultural philosophy comes from the thought of Tao Te Ching. It is 3TREES's firm conviction that the only way to ensure the prosperity of its foundation business is to model itself after nature.

Big Tree Spirit

Take the tree as a cultural totem, the seed is the DNA of the tree. 3TREES's initial aspiration is the DNA of its growth.


II. Spiritual Culture

  1. Corporate mission is the rationale and value of the existence of an enterprise;

  2. Corporate vision shows what kind of enterprise we want to be;

  3. Corporate spirit is the soul of an enterprise, it presents the spiritual outlook of the enterprise;

  4. Core values are the value orientation in corporate management.


Corporate Mission

Making homes healthier and cities more beautiful

--It makes us feel that we are working on a very meaningful cause.

Corporate Vision

Supporting the earth and greening the world

--This grand undertaking with an international vision and embracing a RMB100 billion dream inspires us to work together.

Core Values

Customer Orientation, Win-win Cooperation with Partner and Sharing with Strivers

--It tells us what 3TREES advocates and opposes.

Corporate Spirit

Dream and devotion; hard work, always strive for the first; respect nature and care for your compatriots, and be full of vigor and vitality.

--It showcases the spiritual temperament and personality charm of every 3TREES employee.

Corporate Bottom Line

Integrity, green, safety and quality

--In the course of its development, 3TREES has built an outstanding character and formed four bottom lines which it must always adhere to.

Corporate Philosophy

In the process of its corporate management, 3TREES has refined a series of supporting philosophies around brand building, product research and development, production, marketing and personnel training.


Health Ecology

Establish an idea of health, and train healthy employees, provide healthy products, and spread health culture, create a healthy life

--3TREES advocate a dynamic balance between the body, mind, social relations and the living environment.


Brand Philosophy

Healthy, natural and green

--"Health paint" = "3TREES" ; "3TREES" = "Healthy paint"

This is the brand equation that 3TREES has been striving to cultivate since its birth. It has become the general program for 3TREES to build itself into a green brand.

Development Philosophy

Cultivating a hundred-year evergreen tree through green innovation

--3TREES has closely followed China’s development ideas of "innovation, coordination, green, open and sharing”. In light of its own characteristics, it has established its own development philosophy for the future.


Four-Wheel Drive

Talent, culture, brand and capital

--What are the key factors driving an enterprise forward? 3TREES has refined these factors into a four-wheel drive model.


Cultural Marketing

Leading dealers through culture and attracting users with culture

--3TREES attracts users and partners through its culture. What 3TREES provides are not only healthy products, but also the cultural philosophy and good lifestyles which its products represent.


R&D Philosophy

Ultimate performance and application for ultimate health

--The differentiated competitiveness of 3TREES’s products lies in placing emphasis on the coating process and results for users.

Production Philosophy

Green intelligent manufacturing, lean production

--In the production process, 3TREES pays attention not only to making its production process green and intelligent, but also working with both upstream and downstream to build a supply chain ecosystem together.


361° Service Philosophy

1 ° more than satisfaction, and beat customer expectations

--3TREES not only integrates the craftsmanship spirit into its products, but also creates a 361° touch-the-heart service system for customers and users.


Marketing Philosophy

Intensive cultivation and winning the end market are key to dealer profitability, which is in turn the guarantee of corporate survival.

--Dealers are the bridge between enterprises and users. 3TREES and dealers are a kind of community of undertakings, interests and destiny with equal interaction, win-win and mutual benefit.

Internationalization Philosophy

Global cooperation, going out and bringing in

--Global benchmarking and global technology, 3TREES products and the global market, and a Chinese brand and world coatings are the three major steps for 3TREES to go onto the international stage.


“Three Powers” Philosophy

Leadership power, management power, and business power

--3TREES attaches great importance to personnel training. To better establish talent standards and post competency requirements, 3TREES has innovatively puts forward the "Three Powers" competency model.


Party Building Culture

Enterprise is the ship, culture is the sail, and Party building is the rudder.

--3TREES has proactively promoted Party, CCYL and trade union building within the company, forming a characteristic Party building culture.


Eight Key Policies for Leading Teams

1. Identify, practice and spread corporate culture

2. Interpret and convey the spirit of meetings

3. Be fair and just and be a servant for employees

4. Pay attention to growth and be a coach for employees

5. Care for employees and strive for the better

6. Communicate with subordinates and unite the team

7. Work hard and make lifelong learning

8. Hold "five meetings" for regular exchanges

--A good team is the basis for winning a battle. 3TREES has put forward specific requirements for leading teams from eight aspects.


Cost View

Do not spend one cent which is unnecessary

--From extensive management to lean operation, every 3TREES person should have the consciousness of being a partner of the company and establish the idea of not spending a cent which is unnecessary.


III. Institutional Culture: Steel-like Discipline

"No rules, no achievement". Institutions solidify the cultural philosophy into operable rules and processes, and safeguard good implementation and effect.

--Employees' code of conduct puts forward the basic requirements for what 3TREES people say and do.

Employee image: Neat, generous, sincere and sunny

Employee traits: Passionate, generous, studious, efficient and pursing perfection

View of Gratefulness: Love the country, love parents, love family, love enterprise, love oneself, all of which are key for a successful career.

Self-conducting rules: Be a good man before doing things, make efforts first and reap returns afterwards

"Four DONOTs" Rule: Do NOT be self-Important, do NOT be arrogant, do NOT be self-centric, and do NOT be self-indulgent

Do IT Right away Rule: Do it right away, do it earlier and do it right

"Four NOs" rule: No clannism, no faction, no rank supremacy, and no gift banquet

Principles of teamwork: a single tree does not make a forest, individual runners run fast, but a group of runners run farther.

IV. Material Culture: Motherly Care

3TREES is a warm family. The worry-free fund, 37 welfare items and meticulous health activities enable its employees to get 360° material care and security, free of any worries. Known as the "Enterprise of Intoxicating Beauty", 3TREES has an ecological park which attracts tens of thousands of people to visit each year.


V. Social Responsibility: Respect nature and care for your compatriots

3TREES pursues the maximization of its social value and has put forward a CSR philosophy of "Respect nature and care for your compatriots ". 

  • It has set up an exclusive public welfare funds to fulfill its social responsibilities. Protect the green mountains and rivers and build beautiful homes;

  • Green development, and respect nature;

  • Be a good corporate citizen and fulfill social responsibilities;

  • Help the poor and the weak, and spread love to all.


Hold a mind of awe, take the path of harmony, follow the way of nature, respect nature and care for compatriots, and be full of vigor and vitality!