3TREES One Step Closer to the Most Beautiful Park, and its Scenery Ever Greater
2018.10.09       Category: News

Backed by the towering Jiuhua Mountain and facing the 6,666,666.667m2 of litchi forest, three natural water systems meeting in a winding way, and three leaf-shaped buildings consisting of office centers, business schools and state-level enterprise technologies centers complement one another with 24 scenic spots, natural lakes and century-old litchi trees.

All things stay in good neighborliness, and 3TREES is committed to being the most beautiful enterprise with its Eco-industrial Park covering an area of 200,000 square meters which is surrounded by mountains and rivers, in which human voices, bird chirps, and machine sounds are all harmonized in one, and the Park is honoured as a state-level green factory referred to as an "Enterprise of Intoxicating Beauty".


I.  Scenic Beauty

△ Aerial view of 3TREES

△White Egrets Islet

△Model Corridor

△Cultural Gallery

△Sports Ground

△The New Office Building

△3TREES at Night

I. Spacial Beauty

△The Front Desk of the Office Building

△Corporate Cultural Center

△The Multifunctional Conference Room

△The Office

△The Technology Center

△The Party Building Room

△The Recreational Zone


III. Experiential Beauty

△The Product Experiencing Street

IV. Historical Beauty

△3TREES Museum

△The artistic conception of mountains circumambulation coincides with the thought of 3TREES for respecting nature and caring for compatriots

3TREES always adheres to the concept of healthy, green and natural in the hope that each 3TREES member could feel happiness and purity close to the earth and sky.

3TREES is committed to customer orientation, win-win cooperation with partner and sharing with strivers. We will continue to integrate global resources and face the world with more open arms as we shall not only sell our products and services to the entire world, but also spread the culture of “Imitation of Nature” thereto so as to achieve the goals of RMB10 billion and the dreams of RMB100 billion.