New Culture, New Strategy, New Journey: 3TREES Holds 2018 Partner Conference
2018.04.14       Category: News

The east wind brings the message of spring, and the litchi flowers in full bloom make an intoxicating scene. From April 9 to 11, 2018, 3TREES 2018 Partner Summit was held at the company’s Putian headquarters. More than 2,000 delegates, including the 3TREES management team and its partners across the country, gathered together to explore the opportunities of new development on a new journey.



The three-day summit was full of highlights and memorable moments. With its rich agenda, including the introduction to the annual NPC & CPPCC Session (“Two Sessions”), the opening of the 3TREES Museum, lectures by famous experts, interpretation of the new 3TREES cultural system, partner award conference and cultural performances, the conference provided a cultural feast for the partners.

Introducing the two sessions, and ushering in a new era

At the summit, Chairman Hong Jie, who had just attended the Two Sessions, introduced the decisions adopted at the meetings and shared his experience with the dealers, to help the partners stay tuned with China’s development in the new era.


New era, new situation, new opportunities - based on a comprehensive assessment of both domestic and international situations, Chairman Hong provided a comprehensive analysis of 3TREES’s opportunities and challenges in this great era.


Chairman Hong said, "China is the world's largest producer, largest consumer and fastest growing country of coatings, and we can secure over 100 billion yuan of demand in the Chinese market alone. Our competitive strengths in culture, brand, capital, talent, channels, marketing service system, research and development, supply chain, informationization and social influence give the company the best historical opportunities for development."

Chairman Hong also elaborated on 3TREES’s new five-year plan. He said that the great era calls for big dreams and grand strategies; under the new cultural system, 3TREES had set out strategic goals for the next five years and laid out the path for implementation. He added that dedicated to the mission of serving the country by growing the coatings industry, 3TREES would continue to pursue the goal of supporting the earth and greening the world.


A new strategy centered on cultural empowerment


During the summit, Mr. Zhu Qifeng, Vice President of 3TREES, further empowered partners with a presentation on 3TREES’s new cultural system. Mr. Zhu stressed that going forward, 3TREES would strengthen training and communication of the new corporate culture, with a focus on achieving “seven breaks and seven builds” and promoting the core corporate values of “customer orientation, win-win cooperation with partner and sharing with strivers”, and construct a development platform featuring joint creation, shared outcomes and win-win results. The company would follow the guide of the new strategy and the goals of increasing core competitiveness and profitability to secure the leading position in the market and further improve the business performance.


In the expert lecture session, Prof. Lv Hongde of Chung Yuan Christian University, gave a lecture on “Building Strategic Consensus and Promoting a Culture of Responsibility”, which inspired a quality discussion on the ways to enhance the execution efficiency of sales teams.


At the launch event of the 3TREES Engineering brand held during the summit, leading experts from Tsinghua University and Tongji University shared their views about the “beauty of cities”, “beauty of living space” and “beauty of architecture”, and explored the aesthetics of green buildings. The event fully demonstrated 3TREES Engineering’s ambition on the Aesthetics of Green Building and building paints to dealers, real estate developers and other industry players, and shaped the trend of the times.

Set out on a new journey with the heart of gratitude

We feel grateful to walk the journey together with our fellow partners. During the partner award conference, we honored our best partners from various business divisions and regions in 2017, and held a grand cultural show to express our gratitude.


The spectacular scene of the evening gala provided the background for 3TREES’s symphony with its partners. With the theme of passion and dream, it is both an ode to the glorious past and a paean to the new era. After the summit, all the partners gathered for an open-air light dinner in the 3TREES Eco-industrial Park and raised their glasses for the beginning of a new journey.